Thursday, October 15, 2015

What's new (to us) at the mouse-house?

I found this rustic-looking bird feeder at a local shop and it had to come home with me. I have cleaned up where the perennials were and where Sid stands now and this feeder will help feed the birds at the back of the property.

 Kane has a new (to us) van for easy travelling. With his arthritis, he needed more space to be able to change position and stretch out easier while we travel around. Let me just say, he loves his new (to us) wheels and I wish I would have thought of this a year ago. Oh well, better now than never.

btw ...Kane just saw the vet this week and he wants you to know, that although he still has issues with his allergies, he got a thumbs up from his veterinarian. Of course, at 15 years of age, he has lost his hearing, his eyes are not what they used to be and he has some arthritis in his back legs but that can be dealt with with proper  medication and extra glucosamin with his meals. Keeping him comfortable in his old age is very important to us so we carry on armed with all the good drugs.;-) He still loves his three meals a day, his walks and his travels in his van.

There is so much beauty at the mouse-house right now. We are surrounded with fall colours inside and out.

Our new greeter
(can you see Sid waaaaaaay back there? I had three pumpkins here but now one is Sid's head. )

 A heavy sweater is necessary now as the wind has picked up and is quite cool in the mornings. We are in for some colder weather now and there is a frost warning tonight. I'll have to bring in the flowers over-night.
Cozy sweaters, warm socks and mittens are now within arms reach. Time to put the summer clothes away.

                                                             (airplane ears)

Your cats are shedding a lot at this time of year in preparation of their winter coat coming in. My suggestion to help this process along is to purchase a FURMINATOR and groom your cat twice a week.

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hugs, Deb


  1. Lovely photos . We have had a grand caravan van for years and it is a great vehicle for all kinds of things as the two seats behind the passenger and driver fold into the floor so Miggs has lots of room to lay down on her blanket when we go out and about , she loves car rides and often jumps in even when we just need to get something from the van lol ! Yes Miggs also gets glucosamin in her food for her hips and joints . It is very windy here and the temps have dropped but for us down here by lake Erie we may or may not get wet snow or frost over the weekend it all depends they say on the lake effect and how it is to play out . Thanks for sharing , Have a good evening .

  2. It warms my heart to see you caring for Kane the way you do. I recently had to stop visiting a blog when the older pet wasn't cared for or given the proper care because, after all, it was old and had another health other words, it wasn't worth the care since it would die in 3-5 years anyway. Not only did that make me sick, but the way it was just talked about right there for all to see? That was more than I could take...If they were local I would have gone to get that little one!

    I love your new feeder...I would have certainly had to bring that one home with me, too! Such a sweet shape!

    We have a frost advisory for tomorrow night....brr!

  3. Congrats Kane on your new wheels. I'm sure you will be much more comfy.

    Wow Deb what an awesome view out your window. Lots of tea drinking there I'm sure.

    As you can see ... I am back @ zAzA's Corner. :-) Two controls freaks + one blog = Ten months of fun but want to have One blog each

    And Betsy ---- its awful how people can treat their pets. And to think this person thought nothing of posting it!!!!

  4. Furminator? I will have to check that out for our kitty.
    I had to laugh when I saw the peanuts and seeds in your new feeder, and the very next picture was of a squirrel! Yes, he's happy!!
    So happy your dog has a roomy van to get around in comfortably.

  5. Your handy retired guy could probably make a nice set of steps for Kance to use entering and exiting the van when his back legs are really giving him trouble. Nice wide ones. The ones you buy in the store are so narrow. He may enjoy going out for rides and watching out of the window in his later years.
    It really makes me upset and angry, very angry, when older pets are not given the care they deserve. I always say I hope the owners of these old animals receive the very same kind of care when they're old and infirm as they gave their pet.

  6. Thanks for the tip on the Furminator! Have you tried Glycoflex for Kane? My sister swears by it for her 16 year old cat; it's made all the difference in her moving around.

  7. Lovely colors of fall. Congrats for your new wheels!

  8. Kane, way to go getting a new van to travel in!! I agree that it's so important to take care of our loyal furry babies! I have curtailed my traveling until I see how Charlie is doing. I've changed his diet and he seems to be keeping this food down much better. I have a furminator but need to find it and use it!! Rosemary Scout loves Charlie and her face lights up when she sees him. He lets her touch him then moves away. It is so sweet. Happy Fall Deb!

  9. I love hearing how well Kane is doing at his advanced age. What a great old fellow he must be. I'm sure he still enjoys his life, regardless of the joint pain and trouble seeing. Love and comfort matter most to him, and he has plenty of both.

  10. Aw, you are so sweet for making sure Kane is as comfortable and engaged in life as possible! Love that! How pretty is your fall scenery! Love that line of golden trees out your window. The bird feeder is a great find - very pretty. Mr. squirrel is calculating how he is going to get to the! We are still holding on with some good weather this week, but usually by Halloween we are bundled up, too. I still haven't got out the winter clothes yet - I'm so behind....Wishing you a lovely week at your beautiful mouse house. Hugs xo Karen

  11. Such pretty scenery! And love hearing bout Kane!

  12. Between Simon, Sid, Kane and the kitties ... never a dull moment around the mouse house. Everything is so pretty. Thanks for sharing your fall.
    Purrs and hugs .....

  13. AMEN to Kari!!!
    Glad Kane has a nice new ride and all of your decorations look lovely!!

  14. These pics are gorgeous, love your view out of the window. Looking very autumnal!