Thursday, October 1, 2015

Welcome October

As the sun shone through the maples this bright cool autumn morning, I watched to see if I could spot the black squirrel and, hopefully, the grey sibling around their nesting tree. Sure enough, the black one ran out along a limb and thankfully the grey was right behind. They tumbled along, one jumping over the other and headed straight to the feeding area. I was relieved to see them together;  thankful. The friendship was genuine and I know they were comfort and warmth to each other on these cool nights. My morning and this beautiful new month, was off to a good start.

So, I enjoyed one more cup of  the retired-guy's great coffee and headed out for my walk.
I wore a heavy hoodie and still found it very cool. Next time I'll bring gloves.

The route I take is a windy one as you can see in the photo.
It's so pretty here with the gorgeous houses and the old wooden fences.

I passed an older gentleman who tipped his hat and said "good morning". :)
Such a rare gesture these days.  

I came home with a few little gifts from above.
Audrey gave them a good inspection
and then went off in a huff again wondering where the rest of that bird is.

The fence is coming along.
It is perfect weather for these out-door projects. :)

"Welcome October"
I only wish you had 100 days.

hugs, Deb


  1. Let's pass a law ... October must be 100 days long!

    Hugs and Purrs....

  2. Beautiful feather and leaves. I'm so glad to know the squirrels are still together. Dead animals on the road hit me in the gut. I really feel it. And if someone is with me, I get the "hey goofy! what is wrong with you" look. Oh well. That's just how God made me.

    What kind of feather is that?

    1. I'm not sure, LesleyAnn. I will ask someone who may know.

  3. 100 days of October would be fabulous!

    Laughing at Audrey and the feather....such a cruel tease! haha..

  4. That would warrant a good sniffing out of Audrey.

    I'm terrible with plant identification, but that same tree in the third shot is doing the mix of red and green here as well.

  5. That's a sumac, William. They grow like weeds out here.

  6. October is one of my favorite months also. Still warm but cool and the colors are amazing. Glad the grey squirrel is still around.

  7. Happy to hear that your squirrel sibling was safe!

  8. So glad about the squirrel....phew!
    We have 2 at the cottage, that were babies....
    Last weekend one of them, was right beside us on the beach deck!
    Saucy little guy!
    I envy your country walks...nothing better...
    Enjoy your weekend...
    Linda :o)

  9. This is such a lovely post ♥

    Happy October to you :)

  10. It looks beautiful! I love the blue sky and changing leaf colours but here in the UK it is still too hot for me. I would prefer the Canadian climate any day! :-)

  11. Phew,from me too! I'm so happy the little squirrel friends are still together.
    When I was younger, I made friends with a little fellow who would take peanuts in the shell from my hand. What a treat!
    Your leaves and feather photo would make a lovely framed photograph.

  12. Nooooooo, say it isn't so. That cold??? It is getting cool here at nite especially but I can wait, lol... Lots of nice finds on your walk. I have to chase my turkeys out of the yard. They stay too long and make messes which my dog eats up and then gets sick. I love to see them but they are becoming pests. There are way too many of them here. I see them on all the back roads. Where do they go during bird season, lol... Hugs, LJ