Monday, October 5, 2015

The colours of fall with Audrey

but first I'll feed the birdies. :)



There is so much beauty just outside your door in the fall.

The colours of fall are so perfect, aren't they?

And I found a pretty feather that someone decided to 'taste' and then gagged a bit.

("Good grief, Audrey. What would other cats think?")

"I did not gag."

"Ya, you did. "

"But that's ok.
Maybe you'll stop attacking my board of feathers when I'm not looking."

"Ya, that's gonna happen."


Thank you everyone for your kind comments on the passing of my dear Aunt Frances.
Your words have been very comforting. 
Audrey has kept my spirits up; just being her adorkable self.
That, I can always rely on. :)

I hope you are all enjoying these first few fabulous weeks of fall.



  1. Oh, I am laughing! Your secret is safe with us, Audrey!

  2. HeHe! Audrey! Audrey! Time for a lesson on feathers...
    Yes! Yes! I know your only interested in what's inside
    the feathers...But!
    Most of a birds body is covered in aid in flight.
    Thermal insulation....Waterproofing.....and Protection!
    And the study of feathers is called Plumology...!
    So there you are Audrey...Now you know as much as l do..
    HeHe! Did'nt want you to get into a 'FLAP'. :>).

  3. Autumn is a wonderful time. The cats are starting to feel the chill outside, I think, and are cuddling in cat-beds - and on laps - more. I love this season.

  4. The trees are just starting to turn colors here! I can't wait! I think Audrey is quite the cat and always keeps you entertained and on your toes!

  5. Too funny! Love Audrey!
    Enjoy your week Deb....crap here!
    Linda :o)

  6. I love a good Audrey post! That photo of her by the table is hysterical! I swear the only word Lizzie knows is "Birds!" It sends her straight to the window!

  7. Audrey, never change! There'll never be another one like you.

  8. Hi, Deb,
    in the meantime I have baked your apple cake twice and it war/is DELICIOUS!!!!
    Thanks for the recipe.

  9. I cannot type...still laughing at Audrey! Darling......just darling!

  10. Oh my I had to giggle . Lovely photos , that Caterpillar you have in your hand there is of the Isabella tiger moth , in caterpillar form it is known as The woolly bear or black-ended bear . the amount of black they have is a sign of how our winters are to be . well that's the story to them any ways , Just thought you would be interested lol ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !