Tuesday, October 27, 2015

As the season changes.

Every day I look forward to my walk about the area. Most of the fall leaves have fallen and the trees are now bare. In one week it has changed completely.
Still, it is beautiful here and the birds keep you company with their songs as you walk along. The sun felt warm and the air was cool. A scarf and gloves were required. I can spot many bird nests now high up in the trees; some look big enough for a hawk family to use.
And I love listening to the crows as they screech back and forth. Sometimes they sound just like your typical human family at the dinner table.. haha!

Each house along these roads sits on at least a half acre of land. The houses are set back and surrounded by maple, elm, oak, sumac and fir trees. Some even have little creeks running through their property. So much beauty here. I could fit our mouse-house in one of their elaborate sitting rooms, I'm sure.
It's nice to see that most of these houses have bird-feeders out.

Then, on my way back to the mouse-house, I can see the cows at the old farm on our road.
The same farm that I would visit as a child with my cousins. We would play with their kids around the farm and end up at the big summer kitchen table for a farm-style lunch; bowls and bowls of fresh veggies and always a roasted chicken. Even as a young child I remember wondering if it might have been one of the chickens that we played with at this farm just days before. That bothered me but I could tell I was on my own there. I would usually stuff myself with veggies and home-made bread and pass on the meat.
I still remember 50 year later the big lazy susan in the centre of the wooden table that we spun to grab a condiment. Home-made pickles, beets and chutney. Pretty precious memories, I have to say. Now it is one of the sons that runs the farm and the older generation are now all gone.

 I could have used a nap on return as I had a touch of flu this weekend but instead I raked more leaves and moved some bird feeders from the back to the front, in-view from the dining-corner window. 
For the cats, you see. If and when they ever wake up. =^..^=
Bless their little pampered hearts.
 hugs, Deb


  1. It still looks like a good working farm.

    I love it when a cat tucks their paw over their eyes like that.

  2. Good to see that the farm you visited as a child is still being worked and thriving.

  3. Beautiful walk =)
    I always miss the leaves once they have fallen.....
    Awww, sweet Sierra!
    Cats were made to be pampered.

  4. Looks and sounds much like here in our valley . We have half an acre as well and are surrounded by Ceder trees and have a river and a bridge just down the road from us with forest all around I love it . Lovely photos . I hope you feel better soon . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day .

  5. Glad you're feeling better....I've heard of the flu going around a bit early this year...

    Our leaves peaked at the end of last week but we had rain and wind today and most are on the ground now....still, they were gorgeous while they lasted!

  6. The flu has been going around here, too. I hope you are fully recovered by the weekend.

    Your neighbourhood is beautiful, and I envy you the farm just down the road. It's good that it passed from father to son.

  7. The Hubby and I are in discussions about moving to where we would have more land, with his and hers outbuildings. Then again, we talk about fixing the two-floored back deck, and how easy that would be to build. With the huge rain storm today, I feel the last of the leaves will wash away, but we still have four maples in the backyard that haven't dropped a single leaf yet!

  8. We love the photos of your new area. Some of us are destined never to be able to have land so they're a special treat four us. We love when you take us along on your walks. Hope you're feeling better. Remember, lots of fluids.