Thursday, October 8, 2015

Movin' dirt and yankin' weeds

The little piece of property where I now reside seems to be growing each day. Well, not really, but it looks that way. The retired-guy and I have been really cleaning up around here. The work we do needs the help of 'ol Nellie as without her it would be hard to move rocks and piles of dirt. There are numerous large rocks everywhere so we piled many around the new well so we could flatten the ground where we will be walking. One big mound of dirt and rock is gone here so I can see so much better to the back trees.

This will make it easier for our old dog to wander around now.

"Hi Sid"
I love our group of sumacs behind Sid.
I've been pulling weeds 'til the cows come home. Some are nearly as tall as me. They have been growing here for years and tough to yank out. This pile of dirt and weeds sits right where the house will go in the spring. We'll have to let this spot just be for now. It is too big for 'ol Nellie to deal with so once the excavation begins we will have it trucked out.

Every big rock we move I check under for snakes. I wear my 'running' shoes. :)

I washed up the bird bath at the pump again. Man, those birds are messy.

Well, I'm beat so time to go in for a rest.

Did you know I live with 'the experts' in that field?

Snagglepuss look-alike.

No sooner did I come in  than 5 Mourning Doves came by for a drink.

(from the mouse-house window)
One in the tree box, one on the branch and three in the bath.
Sometimes I think the fresh water is even more appreciated than the food.



  1. When you clear out clutter and debris, a space always looks bigger and better, whether it's a closet or a field. The property is looking fine.

  2. Have you seen any squirrels use your squirrel feeder? Wish I could take some of your big rocks, so I could build a rock garden. Sid looks good!

    1. Watch out for snakes! Literally nothing can sleep quite like a cat can.

    2. Only one silly chickadee so far in the squirrel feeder.

  3. It's looking SO good! You two are creating a little bit of paradise there on your property. Love it.

  4. Sumacs- I'd forgotten the term.

    The cats know the value of a solid eighteen hours of sleep a day.

  5. Oh Deb, I love Sid! You did a great job. I read your post yesterday but had to jump up and didn't get to leave a comment. Those sleepy-head kitty cats are adorable. Your place is so pretty. It sure takes a lot of work though!

  6. I love your old tractor Nellie . Lots of work but worth it , I bet you are finding muscles you never knew you had lol ! I love the Sumac trees we have lots here and they are all changing to bright red . Snagglepuss oh my haven't seen or heard that in years and yes looks just like it . Lovely photos . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !