Thursday, October 22, 2015

All tucked in.

Sid still waits for a crow to land.

The blue-jays (GO BLUE-JAYS!!!) are really hogging the feeders today.
They are rather obnoxious to the other birds but high-tail it when the squirrels arrive.

The chickadees eat at the front feeders, too, and then follow me to the back feeders to see what tasty tidbit awaits them there.
I've added peanuts to the seed and they are really loving that.
Who doesn't love peanuts?
I spotted a few nut-hatch today.
I expect I will have them all winter.
They zoomed by with no interest in a photo-shoot.

Everything was put away this afternoon but the bird feeders, houses & baths.
Tonight we expect below freezing temperatures again.

I raked until my arms fell off.
15 wheelbarrows full.
St Francis is the last to come in.

The squirrel feeder is a hit
I put peanut butter inside.
There really is a squirrel in there.
(lousy photo taken from the mouse-house window)

So, other than a bird-bath heater, I think I'm ready for winter.

You too, Annie?

Now... I want to put Christmas lights up.

Oh...just slap me silly. :-b

hugs, Deb


  1. SLAP !!! Christmas lights ? have you lost your marbles, not yet lol Lovely photos . I am so glad you are having fun and enjoying the nature there I know how fun and interesting it is as our yard is just as busy with birds and critters to . Oh Those Blue Jays here are piggies to but they all share and get what they need in the end . Chilly and damp here this evening but no frost still to warm only going down to 4C here . Thanks for sharing , have a good day !

  2. You always make me laugh, Deb....and I like that!
    Putting up the lights is a good idea....before it gets too darn cold!
    Must get my son on that! Hahaha!
    The Nuthatch are very hard to capture....darting in and out!
    I have a few at the cottage..perhaps I will get a shot tomorrow!
    GO JAYS GO! :o)
    Linda :o)

  3. Oh my, your last line about Christmas lights had me laughing out loud, good thing I'd already swallowed my water or it could be all over the keyboard ! )

    Annie looks pretty comfortable and your mouse house seems so inviting, indoors and outdoors.

  4. Yay! The squirrel feeder is a hit! They'll be glad of the shelter in the rainy cold weather ahead.
    As usual, your pictures are lovely. I wish I had your decorating sense, everything always looks so good.

  5. Good for you getting all those fall chores done! What did you do with all those leaves? I agree about the bluejays. I call them "bully birds". -Jenn

  6. Put up those Christmas Lights! It will cheer everyone in the dark.
    Purrs and hugs to all.....

  7. Too early for Christmas lights!

    This blue jay looks quite big.

    I know my parents put peanuts out in the winter on a small platform set outside one of the second floor windows, and the little birds were just as likely to come pick one up as the jays and squirrels.

  8. Love that squirrel feeder! Annie I want to snuggle with you!

  9. Slap! Not yet pleeeze...
    Everything seems all snug and cozy there. Pet that kitty right down to her tail for me.

  10. Love your scarecrow! Annie is beautiful.