Sunday, March 13, 2011

And many more......

A BIG "Happy 90th Birthday to my lovely Auntie Frances"
We celebrated "BIG TIME" last night and she was the Belle of the Ball. Aunt Frances was always my mom's best friend & baby sister. They had so much in common with their love of family, love of gardening and they both loved a good hot cup of tea and great conversation. They looked a lot alike.  I used to love sitting over a cup of tea and home-made cookies and listen to those two reminisce about their younger days. They could really make you laugh! And now the 'baby sister' turns 90 years young.
"Happy Birthday Aunt Frances and we wish you many, many more"
Frances receives a letter from the Governor General of Canada.

Snuggling Sunday......

Sometimes, you'll find Ed snoring away by himself somewhere. But most of the time, he is snugglin' with his favorite girl, Lily.

It is cool, dark & dreary today. No sunshine to be found. The wood-stove is on and all is well.

Have a great Sunday.



  1. Your Aunt Frances is a beauty at 90! Happy Birthday to her!

  2. you sure lucked out with an amazing gene pool!!! Happy 90th to your Aunt Frances!!!! She looks wonderful!

  3. Happy Birthday to Auntie. Love those snuggle Sundays.

  4. warm stove; mr. ed & your apple cake. I SO need to move to your house.

    Ms. Stella O'Houligan's Woman