Saturday, March 5, 2011

Update on little Calico kitty

Do you remember this gorgeous little one that I scooped up at the location where I feed the feral cats in my town? She was with me for a week and then a lovely lady named Julie, who I knew through my friend Christine, contacted me and said she had heard that I was looking for a home for her and she was very interested. I was so happy because I knew this would be a great home for her.
I received this email and picture from Julie to show me how she is doing in her new  home. 
Julie wrote:
I think she's gotten bigger already too. Although, the picture makes her look bigger at that angle. She can eat that little brat. She loves to clean herself up all the time. She's found herself a nice spot on the back of that couch, it's by the woodstove. She likes it there. I think she's a Mommie's girl too. She's really taken to me and I love it! My doggie Tex and Smudges have really improved a lot. The kitty rarely hisses now unless Texas (my dog) is running around. They've smelled each other nose to nose and all is good. You must miss her lots Deb, she's a beautiful kitty cat inside and out. Thank you again.

I'm so happy for this little cat who was so grateful for the chance to have a good home. When I drive over to feed the feral cats I think of this cat having been dumped (I suppose) and trying to survive with unfamiliar cats outside  in the dead of winter. -30 some nights. She was afraid and very confused when I found her. She ran up to me asking for help.

"Have a wonderful, long, perfect life, little one"

Hugs, Deb


  1. Oh my gosh. What a wonderful story that warms my heart. Thank goodness she found you and you took care of her. I have done that once before too...when I had a calico kitten about 6 months old literally dive into my arms when I was walking down a busy street. I could tell someone had just dumped her off. She was still clean. I took her home and found a nice home for her. I would kept her even though I have 4 already. This one seems to have suffered. Poor thing outside like that - all confused. Now look at her. She is so sweet.

  2. This is such a wonderful saved her life and gave her the chance to have the purrfect forever home! She is a beautiful cat, and I wish nothing but the best for her!

  3. That is wonderful news about Smudge..and that name does fit her too! It's so great when a cat has help and a good life. Our little Bobby is getting big and beautiful and he is so happy! ;D

  4. Dear Deb,
    This is Lovely post ! I'm so happy with her to find a loving home and it's going to be forever.

    Thanks COD ! she can handle the woofies !

  5. She is adorable and I'm so happy you were there for her!

  6. YEY!!! Loved the update about Smudgie! Sounds like her new mama is as smitten as you were. THANK YOU for saving her from a fate so unkind and giving her the chance to be someone's S.S.C.- Spoiled Sweet Calico!!

  7. Ah, just the thought of her running up to you makes me cry! These poor creatures. I can see she has a marvelous new home, and will be much loved.

  8. Deb, one more sweet kitty saved and happy! She is the cutest little girl. So happy for her! hugs, Linda

  9. Hello Deb
    Thanks for your visit en comment.Wat a lovely story is this ,the kitty having a new home now.I melt when i look at al the lovely picture's.Ik have only one kitty ,little Mikki .She is about 2 years old ,a very nervous little one but she wil be ok in time i hope ,she is with us 4 months now en showing slowly she trust me and my husband ,and we love her so much!! The Orange en the Black/White kitty are not mine ,they just come over to my house for some food and candy .I do my best with my Englisch and i hope it's ok

  10. What a wonderful story!!!
    Before I had my son I worked at an animal hospital and my boss would take in strays and I loved it when i would find a home for one. I did my share of trapping cats (strays) at my home ...getting them fixed and adopted.
    It never ceased to amaze me how many wonderful people like you are out there helping these beautiful creatures!!

    Pamela xo

  11. I love stories like this...... thank goodness you found and rescued this beautiful girl...and now she has her forever loving home. YEA!!

  12. Wow i want your calico cat..I have a calico cat too. And I write about her on my lens.My pet are calico cat