Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My 'beef' for the day

The sun is much warmer in the afternoons now although there is plenty of snow still on the ground. Kane and I always head out for a long walk everyday, sometimes two. After my cat-sitting duties we did our walk and the little house that always has a cat in the window had a special resident today. It was a different cat, not the usual orange and white one.
 There was also a little 'buddy' waiting outside that needed to be photographed, too.
Then we passed by this house and I saw some little recognizable feet in the air. Yep, that's an upside-down cat. Look how much this cat is enjoying the sunshine.

I am often asked questions about cats because I live with 5 and I have a service caring for cats in their homes while their owners travel. Many times if I am unsure of an answer I'll do research until I find the right answer. I learn a lot from this, too. But the odd time I get a question that leaves a tight feeling in my chest.... "How can I keep my cats out of my windows?"  "WHAT?"
"I live in an apartment that doesn't allow cats so I have to keep them away from the windows."

Now, I am a very patient person but this really ticks me off. I told them that cats that are kept in apartments NEED to look out of windows. It is hard enough to keep cats confined but if you don't allow them to lie in the sun, watch the birds, the bugs, the traffic and all that amuses them from the safety of a closed window they will go crazy. "MOVE!" First off, It bothers me that pet-owners look at apartments that don't allow cats. Then they bring them anyway and expect the cat to follow the silly 'don'ts' that are put on them. Don't sit in windows, don't meow, don't run around too much and make noise. "For crying out loud, find a place that allows animals and be done with it. There are plenty of apartments that especially allows cats. Consider their needs and keep looking."

"That's my cat-related 'beef' for the day":)

hugs, Deb


  1. I totally agree Deb! If someone has chosen to live in an apartment that doesn't allow pets ~ then don't get any. If you have a pet and need to move, find a place that allows pets!

    Asking how to keep a cat out of the window is like asking how to keep a cat from purring!!!

    Oh well... what can you do...

    Hope you are enjoying lovely weather Deb!
    xo Catherine

  2. What a stupid person...Oh please don't have a cat then!
    My one indoor cat would be so happy when I opened a window just for him.
    Love that cat sign!!

  3. Poor cat! I completely agree! They need a window as much as water and food!

  4. I love all the pictures you take of cats in windows. I love it when my cats go to sun themselves in the windows..makes me want to do it too! ;D

  5. I also love the pictures you take on your walks of cats i windows. I am curious what kind of camera you are using to take these photos? The pictures seem too nice to be from a mobile phone camera.

    I pay attention to all the various neighborhood cats on my walk to and from work. I have thought of taking pictures, but don't want to rattle the neighbors as they wonder why I am always taking pictures of their house! Maybe I am just too paranoid!

  6. Thanks for the comments. To Cat Guy...I am out and about when most people are at work and I am very discreet with picture taking since my camera is very small. I carry a Canon SD780 IS my pocket and can snap a photo quickly. I, too think people may question what I am doing but I have yet to find anyone around while photographing. If someone was around I would just ask them if I could photograph for my blog. All they can say is "NO"

  7. And I say, "AMEN" to all that you said about cats needing a window .... the window is like their television, and they love the warmth from the sunshine.

    I love the picture of the kitty in the window on its back..... I'm surprised you could see're a great kitty spotter.

  8. YES cats need a window! When I first found my Angel Bobo (I rescued him on a bitter, bitter winter day)...I lived in an apt that didn't allow cats. Every day when I went to work I learned that Bobo was in the window playing with the curtain string. Just romping as happily as ever! Did I lock him up away from a window? NO!!!! Did I get an eviction notice? YES!!! The letter said "the cat goes, or YOU go".....Guess what????

    I WENT!!!!!

    Bobo and I went on to spend 18 wonderful years together...when we moved I found him a lovely apt with a window with a window seat that he could sit on as much as he desired...he LIVED in that window!


  9. Thanks for posting this Caren. Just goes to show....

  10. THat's crazy! Kitties NEED windows!!!

  11. yep Deb... some people just don't "get it!"