Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Soups on

With the snow still falling outside I took to the kitchen to make a batch of Home-made Veggie Soup. I love this soup because you can change it up every time you make it. Whatever veggies you have can turn into a delicious, hot & flavorful soup. I made lots since my youngest will be dropping in today and being a vegetarian, she will want to take lots home with her. This soup is best if made with a vegetable stock instead of water and BJ from Sweet Nothings says to always fry your onions before adding them. Barley is a must in this soup but if you prefer noodles, go ahead. Pop over to visit  BJ and see what's cooking at her place.

My grand-kitty Hugo loves to hang out in my office when he can. I know why. It's because that's where I keep the NIP. He's no dummy! He also likes to advertise for my company.

He loves to be up high while he is high.
I'm having a great time with Bud & Chase these days. I just love those two tabby brothers. They are so adorable and you can hear them purring in the next town. Today I sat on the couch and turning from one to another I gave them both a nice massage. Oh boy, they love that. Chase almost fell on the floor in ecstasy.
Wishing you all a sun-filled day even though we are buried in snow here. We Canadians are a patient lot.
Hugs, Deb


  1. I love a good soup and this looks so yummy! We are sitting on our screened porch enjoying the warmer weather...soon for you I hope.

  2. That soup looks deliciuos ,i love to make soup with a lot of veggies .Like you said you can change the recepi every time.Lovely photo's from the cats.Mikki loves it when i give her a massage ,she is so spoiled

  3. Yum, the soups looks hearty !
    I'm making Split Pea soup today, but your's far more colorful :)
    Love those tabbies.

  4. Two of my favorite things..soup on a cold day and kitties to love on! ;D

  5. I love to make homemade veggie soup! I use as you said, whatever veggies are in the house and I also use frozen.
    I like mine to be a tomato based soup though and I often use chicken stock (I like the flavor)....for an extra "kick" I add red pepper flakes (we like things spicy around here! lol)
    One tip though...I never add rice, pasta or noodles, etc to a soup that will be eaten for more than one day (or frozen)...I make that on the side and serve it in the individual bowls of soup because pasta or whatever starch you use absorbs the liquid from the soup.

  6. Oh..oh..
    The soup looks so DELICIOUS :-)
    Yummie.... I love soup !!

    LOvely shots from our purrrr friends

    Hugs Kareltje =^.^= ♥ Betsie >^.^<

  7. Yummers. My daughter is also a veg head and loves veggy soup.

  8. Wishing I had a bowl of your healthy and delicious looking soup.

    Your kitty looks like he's so relaxed and happy, which I'm sure he is.

  9. Geez, I wish you lived closer to me!!