Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Willoughby won't need therapy

Meet handsome, manly Willoughby
I have to say that I think this is the most energetic, full of life, crazy in the head cat that I have met through my cat-sitting service. We are having so much fun thanks to the cat-dancer and the fact that I don't mind throwing a cat jingle-ball 500 times down the hall.
This guy is so great. Look at him go with the cat-dancer...

See his nail...yah! that's my leg it is sunk into.
That is his head and his arm going ballistic
Here he is helping me with his lunch preparations.
I tripped over him 10 times..I wonder why?

Now Willoughby has a bit of a story to tell about his health issues. It was discovered recently that Willoughby had FUS which stands for Feline Urinary Syndrome. A cat with FUS has an obstruction in his urethra that causes him to be unable to urinate. This is caused by crystals, mucus or stones building up in the urethra. This is life-threatening for a cat. After attempting to remove the blockage if the problem still occurs a surgery called perineal urethrostomy is performed which removes the penis and enlarges the opening around the urethra for the cat to pass urine. This was done to Willoughby just a month ago.

He came through this very well and has been on medication for the last month. He is now on a special diet (which he likes) and his litter was changed to a 'newspaper' type litter that does not stick to the area where the surgery was performed. He is full of life and seems as happy and healthy as any young, male cat can be. He didn't even require therapy. What a trooper!

Kane and I took a walk in the rain today. As we walked my thoughts were of all the people suffering through the latest tragedy in Japan. The only bit of sunshine was this little lovely watching some birds in the tree nearby. 
We are in for some nice weather. I am so ready to ditch the winter boots. 

hugs, Deb


  1. What a cutie and I love his name! Someone must be a Jane Austen fan! lol Wonderful photo of the cat in the window! Happy week!...hugs..Debbie

  2. We Cats say Hurrah for young Master Wills! He sounds just like our crazypants Maui.

  3. Love Willoughby! What a great name and so happy to hear he is healing well after surgery!

  4. I love this happy ending of Willoughby.
    Thank you, Deb to share this lovely story with us. I'm so happy with him : )

  5. I also love the namee Willoughby and am so glad he is doing so well. The kitty in the window wwill brighten your day for sure. Japan and its peoople and animals are never far from our thoughts. Hugs GJ x

  6. Deb-

    I really love reading your posts every day about all the adorable cats you've met. And I laughed when I read about Willoughby, because we have a crazy one too! You also give such relevant advice and tips that all us pet owners need to be reminded of from time to time. Thank you!

    And, I enjoy hearing about your walks with Kane. What a lucky dog he is. Wouldn't it be perfection if the love and happiness your animals have could be had by all living beings...