Wednesday, March 9, 2011

More Snow

OK...Enough already!! We are in the midst of another huge snow-storm. I am just back from feeding dinner to all the cats in my care and I gave them a little extra in case I am snowed in by morning. March is surely coming in like a LION. Grrrrrrrr

I should have bought flowers today.
It would have made me feel better.

There wasn't one paw mark where I feed the ferals. They would rather go hungry than tunnel through the snow. I'm so glad I gave them extra last night knowing this storm was coming. One good thing, the temperature will be above 0 tomorrow so this won't last.
Doesn't even look pretty to me anymore.....I've had it! Go Away!!!!

"Ed, are you sleeping?"

"Oh, Good Grief.  Old men!"

I was moving like a snail today so I'll get that apple upside-down cake recipe to you tomorrow. Promise!

One good thing about March is the shamrocks are flowering.
(photo taken March 2010)
hugs, Deb


  1. I'll think "WARM" for you! We had 80 degrees on the Catio today. Soon, I'll be envying your moderate temps!

  2. Oh will this snow never end!!! OK, that's it, pack your bags and your cats Deb ~ come move to someplace warm with me!!! Booooo snow!
    xo Catherine

  3. Aaaahhh....apples... that means summer! Oh, it's still apple season here. I looove them - in pies, crumble, strudels, muffins ...all yummy. purrr....meow!

  4. More snow? Oh, no. Your poor thing. I'll think warm thoughts and wait for that apple up-side down cake recipe tomorrow. I'm posting a recipe for banana bread tomorrow, so all we need now is a cup of tea.

  5. MOL ..I couldn't believe ED can sleep like that : )
    Must be sick of Cold like you Deb : )
    Just close your eyes, and then you don't need to see the white thing !
    Ed is Smart !

  6. he he- does Ed ever fall off the shelf? We had the "crappy white stuff" fall yesterday too. Maybe March will go out like a lamb!!

  7. Ed has the right idea...block out that nasty snow with a good impromptu nap!! Prayers for sun and warmth ...we are still fighting the stuff too!!!

  8. Good Morning Ed. You are quite lovely and we wish you a short snow this time!

    Ms. Stella O'Houligan