Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday Fun

Our sweet Ginny joined the others for breakfast this morning. I usually feed her upstairs in the office but lately she has been spending more time on the main floor and we are loving that.
Lily & Gin
 Ginny is in the last stages of kidney failure and although I've been told this, I don't see much change in her. Yes, she drinks lots of water and p's more than usual but other than that she seems good. 
After caring for Jewel & Angel this morning Kane and I went for our 1 hour walk. Once again, couldn't help but capture the peaceful look of cats  in windows on this cold, sunny day.
Even cat ears in windows deserve a photo.

Then, I spent the afternoon with little miss gorgeous. We tried on hats and I love this one on her.

She is so curious, so busy, so intrigued, so wonderful...and she thinks everything tastes great :)

Now that Spring is here I hope you have a chance to get outside and enjoy the sunshine. After reading Natalie's posts this week I have a hankerin' for pancakes again. Sure, I could make them but why not grab some loved ones and go to a pancake house. And for those that wonder where Maple Syrup comes from and why its' so darn expensive, Natalie will tell you all about it.
Have a great one! 

hugs, Deb


  1. Your grandbaby is a DOLL! I could just eat her up.

    Kidney failure is supposed to be painless, and as long as Ginny is eating and not barfing, she's doing great! I knew it was time for Chuck when his ears got yellow from jaundice and he was miserably nauseous. Ginny is a trooper!

  2. My 20-year-old Domino (who passed away last December) was diagnosed with kidney failure and lived several more years after the diagnosis. She was happy and drank a lot and peed a lot but lived a great life!

  3. I loved the pictures of Riley...she has the prettiest face! :D

  4. Look at those big eyes and lovely rosy cheeks ~ adorable!

    Of course, kitties are cute too! :)
    xo Catherine

  5. HOLY COD would you just LOOK at that DARLING GIRL?? I mean seriously... Her mum should sign her up for modeling or commercials; she could pay the child's entire college tuition to some Ivy League with that face!

    The kitties are adorable & we salute you girlfriend for taking that hour walk with snow! I can't even squeeze in an hour in 70 deg. & sunny! Good on ya! Maybe I should get a dog; or just borrow one! (since I'm certain the cats would promptly evict any member of the canine family entering their several square blocks)

    Ms. Stella O'Houligan
    & That Woman

  6. Your grand baby is so beautiful :-)
    Nice to see her !!
    She is a doll :))))

    Spring is also here
    i'm happy for that (I'm not a winter person;)

    Lovely shots from your pets
    so adorable all....

    HUgs from us
    Kareltje =^.^= ♥ Betsie >^.^<

  7. That Riley just gets more gorgeous by the day! Those eyes!! Glad Ginny is doing so well and joining the others. Have a Great Weekend Deb! hugs, Linda

  8. Your granddaughter is absolutely adorable! What fabulous shots! I love her outfit, too!

  9. First off, Riley is excruciatingly adorable!!

    And good thoughts for Ginny. I hope she continues on for a very long time, like Ronna's kitty Domino (who I had the pleasure of cuddling on many occasions!)

    And I totally understand now why maple syrup is so costly.