Tuesday, March 1, 2011

always a social thing

           Having my first cup of coffee is always a social thing. 

Off to visit with my client's cats. I have been pondering my strategy with little shy one that will most likely be under the bed when I arrive.  I know she loves treats so that will be my first move. Wish me luck!

hugs, Deb 


  1. How funny Sierra is, but adorable. Good Luck with the shy one.

  2. Bonjour Deb,
    Your blog is wonderful, full of lovely pictures and I'm delighted here by so sweet header!
    My friend Serena is a snowshoe kitty as well, so nice!
    I'm a snowshoe cat from Brazil and I've moved to Luxembourg ( Europe ) with my family.Now I'm very adapted and I love my place.However I miss the sun, because the weather here in Europe is different, very different! :)
    My friend Sierra is adorable in these pictures.
    Thanks so much for your kind visit and comment!
    Your blog is really special!
    purrs and always love to you all

  3. your photos are so beautiful and artistic. You are so talented. You create some beautiful moments.
    I bet the food worked for sure, hope everything turned out fine!

  4. Ahhhh,,,, we hopez da Shy One comez out soon Good Luck ^..^ maybe a toy on a string ????? Purrrrrz & Kissez ~

  5. And what is Sierra drinking from her favourite cup... coffee?
    I always find that the best way to make new friends with a cat or dog is coming down to their level, mind you getting up from spending a bit of time on the floor must look pretty silly to them.

  6. Hi Deb...Happy birthday to your son and your wonderful aunt! I have company with my coffe in the morning, too. Baby Kitty loves cappuccino! lol Happy week!...hugs...Debbie