Friday, March 18, 2011


                                                     Laundry Day
Never a dreaded chore when you have great company like Sierra.
We ended up with lovely weather today, just a cool wind and lots of sun. After cat-sitting, I walked Kane and snapped a few pictures of cats in windows and this little guy that started out on his porch but was scared silly of Kane and ran for cover (can you spot him?) Smart cat. I like to see cats be cautious of dogs instead of walking right up to them. I love dogs but I don't trust the prey drive so better that they stay a distance away. Kane is great with our cats but cats outside are nothing different than a squirrel to him. Thank God for leashes.
I dropped in to my local health food store to pick up my locally-raised, free-range organic chicken eggs (there's a mouthful). I just can't buy the grocery store eggs anymore once trying these beautiful brown eggs. I also get my organic honey in town. There is a farm just minutes from here in Beckwith that raise bees and sell their honey at a local shop. It is the best honey I have ever tasted. I am serious, I cannot stop eating this honey. I put it on anything I can. Their company is called Sweet Bee and they sell SWEET honey. I love our little health food store called The Granary.  You can get everything from organic tea to organic bread along with every kind of grain and nut you could need. I always go in for 1 item and come out with 10. It's a fun place to shop and do your body some good. And they sell REAL licorice. Oh Momma!!
"Gotta love these small-town shops"

Happy Saturday.
hugs, Deb 


  1. Sierra is cute and I love that store..places like that are such little jewels! ;D

  2. It's nice to see Sierra is such a big help too. Yummm - all the food in dat store is making me hungry.

  3. Awwww Sweet Sierra! Glad you had a nice day! I love 'real' eggs and like you can't buy store eggs anymore. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  4. of if only we had a nice store like this
    have a good weekend!

  5. Sierra is adorable and I love her name! That store looks soooo charming! You live in such an interesting and charming area.