Thursday, March 3, 2011

Sprucing up

By the end of winter all living things are in need of a bit of sprucing up. In our home that would be ME, the cats & my plants.
Yes, this is an orchid and I have neglected it.
I have 4 seniors cats. Ginny 24 years, Mr. Ed 21 years, Cali 18 years & Lily 15 years.

Sierra is the kid here. She is 8 years old. It is time to clip nails and brush, brush, brush.

I have had so much enjoyment from all these 4 seniors and still do. They have provided such amusement to the family and an over-abundance of affection.
Now, it is up to us to provide more comfort, understanding, patience, proper nourishment and a kind hand to their aging bodies. 
With love.

Old friends sitting like book-ends

The sun does the rest.

If you are thinking of adopting, please consider an adult cat instead of a kitten. They are worthy of a second chance at a good, long life. 
I've been asked how my cats have lived so long.
I've done nothing different than any of you have.
Some animals, just like people, will live a longer life.
Could be the genes. Could be that they have always known they are loved.

Hugs, Deb


  1. WOW 24 years!!! That is nearly a record I would bet! I can certainly see why they live so long with the contentment they have in your home. Praying the little shy one comes around you are caring for.I always feel bad when a cat runs from me on a walk, if only they knew how much I love them all:D

  2. You do have some very Senior kitties! I think it's the love Deb, I really do! I pray for a good long life for my Charlie! hugs, Linda

  3. I have to agree and love makes the world go around. Gorgeous pictures.. HUgs GJ xx

  4. When we were kids...we had a cat that had kittens.... she was about a year when we found her....well, actually she found us and came right into the house looking for a spot to have her babies. That was a story in itself...becuz... Dad said NO CATS! hahahha... long story shorter... she stayed..we managed to find homes for 4 of the babies...and kept the one nobody wanted. Mommy lived to be 22 or thereabouts... and her baby... 21.... at which time we finally had to put them down... very sad.... due to the fact that Mom lost her house and had tomove to an apartment...with.. you guessed it..NO CATS. The second saddest day of my life having to do that.... ...

    I'm sure it is just like some people... healthy genes.... neither of ours ever went to the vet except to have both girls spayed as soon as possible after the birth of the kittens..... in those days...we didn't even get them vaccinated.... nada..... ever....

  5. Wow two cats over 20. That is great. We have two cats 11 and 6. They are my girls cats but we all love them as that is just how it is with cats. They make us all fall in love with them.

  6. Wow...... I've never known a cat who is 24 or 20. Our cat is 17, hopefully she has several more good years.

    My last years orchid is starting to bloom.... so exciting!

  7. You have quite the geriatric collection! I didn't realize Lily was 15, she certainly doesn't look it. My crew has started the spring shed, too.

  8. I think it's amazing that you have 4 senior cats, and that two of them are over 20! They are lucky to have such a wonderful human to care for them :)