Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Chicken Craving

I've been sitting at my computer looking at different blogs and I keep popping back to the 'country bumpkin bloggers'. "Oh, how I love the country." I want to soon be a country bumpkin myself. Gary and I have waited to build our home for many reasons but mainly because we couldn't decide what to build and whether I would include a cat boarding kennel with our building plans. We have been busy lately emailing back and forth with the City of Ottawa asking them 1,000 questions about zoning issues and the number and types of buildings that we can place on 2 acres of land.
Our little piece of heaven belonged to my grandmother years ago. It is in the town of Manotick, Ontario. I inherited it when the children were younger but they were happy where we lived so we didn't want to pull the rug out from under them. We put the idea of building on the back burner and just went out every once in awhile to see how the trees were doing and the little building that was surely beginning to rot away. Behind a row of apple trees and along the stone fence I found a spot that became the kitty grave-yard as our family cats began to pass away. Presently, there are 6 cats there and a stone statue of a collie dog standing over the site. He stands next to little Maggie's grave.

So, I'm thinking about country living and maybe even raising some chickens. Just for eggs and never for meat. I could never kill a chicken or send them off  to their demise. They will all have names.  My grandmother raised chickens and I really enjoyed being around the little beggars and collecting up their eggs in the morning.
There is nothing finer for breakfast than fresh, organic eggs from free-range chickens.
No comparison to the grocery store ones. It was fun to feed them, too. Some of them were a hoot such as the banty hens. Being my favorite,  I gave them all movie star names and would let them in the farm house all the time. Of course I'd get in trouble. I also remember pulling them around in a wagon. God, those poor chickens.

Anyway, I'm enjoying all the blogs that feature chickens and country life in general. One in particular is called Tales from the Coop-keeper It's a lot of fun.  I love These people are the hardest working bunch. They have such an array of animals on their farm. Me, I just want chickens. Oh, and I'd rescue lots of these...

Well, I'd try anyway. :-b

hugs, Deb



  1. Go for it girl! Follow your dream before it's too late.

  2. Oh how that dream would be mine too. I would love thaat. A wwork friend and I often dreaam of what if we won money, we would build a big rescue for cats and never let them get hurt or go hungry again. My friend alreasdy had 5 she has rescued because she has a much bigger place than me. I would alsso love chickens. my son and daughter in law have an allotment where they keep chickens and we enjoy free range eggs. They also have all got names and the children call them and they come running. The girls love to collect the warm eggs. They will never kill a chicken to eat and are so sad when one dies. Here I go again waffling. But your post brought to the minds front all that I would love. GJ and Carol x

  3. Sounds heavenly!! Hope it will all come to fruition soon. Those cats you take in will be so blessed! I am smitten with an old farmhouse with a 1940's style kitchen, lacy curtains blowing in the breeze and a rolling meadow and apple orchard. Grew up in a restored farmhouse so I guess it got in my blood. This very farm exists in Cheboygan Mich AND the owners share our last name, maybe I can claim to be a long lost relative LOL!!

  4. You MUST have chickens and they MUST have names! :) And you MUST live in the country -- it's fantastic. :)

    And I love all the beautiful cat photos on your blog. THanks for stopping by my blog; I am really enjoying yours!


  5. mmmm; I fully endorse chicken rasing. We had 4 or so over a period of several years. I loved them all dearly! The eggs are the best! Good Luck!
    Ms. Stella O'Houligan
    (who used to sleep in the chicken nest boxes during the day when the birds were out) ;)

  6. You sound like me Deb! I love Bev and Bee Haven Acres! She is definitely living the kind of life I have always dreamed about. Follow your dreams Deb, don't put it off until it is too late. I look forward to reading about your progress.

    ~ Tracy

  7. Take me with you!! I would LOVE to live in the country with lots of land and lots of cats and Shelties!!

    Speaking of Shelties, I laughed when I saw the photo of Kane on your sidebar. Dakota is obsessed with EXACTLY the same tennis ball at our house! Wish he could meet Kane!

  8. Country living with chicken sounds good. I can't raise chicken for meat either...I do the same as you, just for eggs. Now it sounds really good. Mmmm!