Friday, March 11, 2011

Let it rain....I have these guys to play with.

This is the last day I will be caring for Dominique until the owners travel again. She has been a real trooper to be left in my care for almost 3 weeks.
We had a lot of fun together, read many magazines and we certainly wore out the cat-dancer. I am sure she will be so happy to have the owners home again so she can snuggle up at night with them. This is where I fall short but we sure do make up for it during the day. She loves her brush :)
I can safely say we are great friends.

These two little scamps are warming up nicely to me, too. Alas, little Addy is still hiding on me but I do get to see her under the bed and sometimes catch a glimpse of her scooting around. She was a feral cat brought in to the inside and it would take a  looooong time for her to even want to get to know anyone but her owners. I see her eat and use her box and I am thankful for that.
Guinness makes up for Addy's lack of interest in me. If I ever had to put a cartoon character on this cat he would be Charlie Brown.
 "Good to see ya, Deb. I'll have 3 strips of bacon and a side of tuna, please. Does this meal come with a refreshment?"
Lucky is a little shy but we have really come a long way this week. Isn't she so pretty. She was another feral found outside.
Guinness loves to be snuggled BUT hates the camera. Look at his big paw kneading. I am just loving these cats. I have another little grey tabby starting tomorrow that has dealt with many health issues and I will dedicate a post to his ordeal. 

Stay tuned....

Great apple cake recipe in my previous post if you are looking for something to bake this weekend.

hugs, Deb


  1. I enjoy seeing your cat clients very much. Have a great weekend Deb!

  2. So much kitty love here today ~ love it! :)
    xo Catherine

  3. Dear Deb,
    My mom jealous of you to have a lots of good times with so many cute cats ! But I just don't get it ! why ? she have me ! She should be enough !


  4. M wishes you lived near us so you could be my sitter. I have a nice sitter, but she can't stay over night and has too many kitties of her own to take me there. You are such a nice lady.

  5. MOL: with a name like Guinness it's no wonder! What a giant luv bug! OMC you do have a great job!

    Ms. Stella O'Houligan

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  7. Cats sometimes have such funny patterns, that's the case of Dominique wih that black spot in her white face,lol !

    I just scrolled through your posts to see other pictures of your cats, so cute !

  8. Love the breakfast request order pic too funny!!Beautiful kitties!