Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A little more of our pretty town.

The weather is finally what it should be. Warmer and sunny. There's barely any snow left.
Kane and I went for our walk and a half hour into it he was panting from the warm sun. We took a stroll up the well-known High Street.
Many pretty homes on this street.

This is a B&B
I love this street at Christmas
We headed over to Riverside Park where the Mississippi flows by and the Canada Geese are everywhere.

Across from the soccer field you see the Canoe Club where many a race is watched over the summer.

He just loves it here and all the stinky smells of Spring.
There are many gorgeous homes right along the river.

Couldn't end this walk without capturing a cat and look who we ran into again today. Mister silly-pants orange guy who obviously found his way home 'cause he was now sitting in a spot sunning himself and looking rather regal. Today he ignored Kane. Cats! 
And what have we here....a kitty in a window. Gorgeous smokey grey cat. Hard to see but she's there.

We are off to have fish & chips tonight at St. James Gate. I'm starving and pumped. Haven't eaten enough to keep a bird alive for 3 days.

Hope you had a great day!
Hugs, Deb 


  1. Thanks for sharing your beautiful town with it's lovely homes and a few of it's furry residents. Have a nice evening.

  2. What a pretty town..I love the older homes like that, would trade mine for one of them! ;D

  3. Oh goodness..... how I wish I could take every kitty who needs a home!

  4. HI Deb! Oh, what a lovely neighborhood and those houses! The lake is so pretty with the geese floating on it. Kane is such a pretty doggie.
    Glad your weather is warming up and the snow is gone!
    Thanks for popping in to see me and be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  5. Dear Deb, You sound like my mom. When she walks she always looking for cats if she got camera, she will take a photo. My dad think she is crazy : )But we do love her.


  6. I forgot to tell you..I do love you too because you like my mom,you do love cats : )
    Have a wonderful day : )

  7. Thanks for sharing the pretty images. I must have had an earlier incarnation in America - I just love the feel and the atmosphere.
    I hope Gatsby finds a home real soon he looks real sweet and handsome.
    Hugs and have a lovely day!

  8. Look at all your beautiful spring Deb! We still have too much snow ~ but the sun is supposed to be shining all next week with highs of up to plus 8! I will be hopeful that all of our snow goes too.

    Enjoy your weather friend!
    xo Catherine

  9. Oh please take some photos of these grand homes at CHRISTmas and post them! They are beautiful. Yep,I will take spring stinky smells and all! That orange kitty is a character. I LOVE that name, Gatsby for a cat and hope he will find a great home soon! Enjoy your fish and chips!!!

  10. What a beautiful town! Spring has come to our house, and we thought we were well onto the dreaded summer, but we are having a nice cool week now. This is my first visit to your blog, and I will be reading more!

  11. I'm definitely visiting Carleton Place instead of speeding through to Ottawa or Madwaska next time. It's just lovely. I've crossed the Mississippi further north in the bush and always wondered where it went. Love those old houses.