Thursday, March 24, 2011

Hello little feral & Lassie look-alike

For some unknown reason, these are my favorite pictures of Elizabeth Taylor ;o)

"Hey,  I have one like that too. Liz would have loved him." 

In later years, she loved and owned many Maltese dogs.

I have a cat in the window you may recognize......
"Get a load of the look she's giving me. That is so Cali"

I'm feeling like a Sassy Cat today myself. Our Brittany is a hair-dresser (how lucky are we) and she worked some magic on me and gave me a new do. 
I like it so far. I got to see little Riley who now has 4 teeth and is up nights with all this teething going on. Poor little munchkin. She was all smiles today, though.
I'm off to feed 2 little kitties in my care and then meeting my sister and her husband for dinner. Oh, did I mention the sun is shining and the snow is disappearing. YES!!"  And..I saw one of the ferals tonight who was waiting to be first in line for dinner. I recognized this one and was so happy to see it had survived the winter. I know for sure it will sleep well tonight after a big dinner (they get both kibble and soft food) and no freezing temperatures to deal with. I always have a lump in my throat when I leave. If only they would let us help them, let us find them a home but they are as wild as raccoons. Such a shame.

hugs, Deb 


  1. Deb your hair cut is so cute! Yes Liz was a big fan of animals. Enjoy your evening! Oh sweet Riley has 4 teeth! cute!

  2. That was my favorite time of Liz too and I think her best work. I love your hair, looks so soft. Nice to hear about Riley and her teeth..sweet! :D

  3. This is such a nice memory of Liz. M says there will never ben another "great" one like Liz. She was a star, and such a wonderful charible ooman.

  4. Elizabeth Taylor ~ she's a classic! May she be resting in peace.
    xo Catherine