Wednesday, April 3, 2013

What's one more & bonding through play

After spying this cup on the shelf at the corner store, I had to rely on my will-power whether it was coming home or not. 
I think it was the tulips that got to me. Of course, the colors were nice, too. And, you only live once.
So, I now own another blue and white tea-cup. 
Royal Twickel
Made in Holland and hand-painted.

And that cat-shaped black licorice candy was a nice surprise. It is the salty Dutch licorice. Delicious.
It is a strong tasting licorice with just a hint of salt. Each kitty was two bites.
Who would have thought cats tasted so good.

"This woman is out of her freakin' mind."
                                                      "I must warn the others."

Audrey is getting bored. I find myself playing with her more often throughout the day and evening. I expect it has something to do with Spring arriving and the fact that her mom only plays with her for awhile and then nips her in the butt before sauntering off.  I have set aside time in the evening for her exercise and play-time.
Her favorite toy is a feather on a wand. She will jump 4 ft in the air for it and loves to hide under the ESS and jump out to attack it. It does take two to play and time has to be set aside for fun. We play on the stairs often too. Her favorite toy to retrieve is a wine cork. It is a safe toy but must be put away after play so she doesn't chew on it.
It is a great way to bond with your cat and if you get right down on the floor with them they will play as long as you are willing.
hugs, Deb


  1. Good Afternoon Deb, What a pretty cup, I thoroughly understand why you decided to take it home with you, the tulips are lovely and apt as the cup is Delft. (Tulips from Amsterdam!) Blue and white are colours I love and I have a number of Delft pieces which I bought in Holland.
    I have never heard of Dutch liquorice, so I will have to investigate as my husband loves liquorice.
    Have a lovely day,
    Best Wishes

  2. Your cup is beautiful. I have one Deftware plate that a friend brought me back from her travels. The colors are wonderful.

    As for playing with your cat(s), we do a lot of that here. It always amazed me when I hear people say that their cats don't 'play'. Our cats love to play... with each other, with us, or with their toys. We try to keep their toys in one place, but find them spread all over the house in the mornings...

  3. I feel for you if you have a bored cat, Willow the retrieving cat drives me nuts, every time I go upstairs she quickly follows me up with the dratted ball. lol
    Love the different expressions you manage to capture of Audrey.
    How unusual are the little holes all around the base of the cup..

  4. Annie was forced into adulthood before her time. Little Audrey is lucky enough to be able to have a kittyhood because of you. Could you imagine a whole house if young cats? No rest for anyone. Mad for Audrey's expressive face, we are. And love the black licorice cats. Would they be a too cute way to add a little smile to tea time?
    With spring upon us, who could resist a tulip tea cup? And the piercing along the bottom is too adorable!

    1. What a lovely cup! I loved the tulips the moment I saw them and the color is perfect, too! And please do keep Audrey on her toes wondering what you meant by "cats taste so good."! lol
      That is so wonderful that you make time to play with her. At her young age she must really enjoy it!
      Love to all the furry folk,
      Lily, WA, USA

  5. Beautiful cup! Oh and I understand the extra play time that some young one's need or should I say demand!

  6. Ah, the black Dutch licorice. My parents love it... it puzzles me as to why!