Wednesday, April 3, 2013


The drive to Cortez and Teddy's home is the best medicine for high blood pressure. You pass by gorgeous farms and take in the lovely sight of horses enjoying the sun on a cool, windy day.
I love doing cat-care in the country.
Teddy met me at the door and he was livid. How dare they leave him to pace around the house (albeit a beautiful house) when he undoubtedly should be outside chasing the morning doves.
Poor Teddy. So, he immediately brought me over to the patio doors and gave me a look that would melt your heart. He gave a plaintive 'meow'. Poor Teddy. Does he not know what he is up against with this very experienced cat-sitter? I said to him, "Teddy, it is cold outside. There is no-one to let you in tonight. There are fishers (of the wolverine family) in the area.  I was given instructions to keep you in." This time he screamed at me. "Will you be happy if I brush you? Or how about I crack open a can of stinky goodness and you can share it with your very calm and cool friend, Cortez? Or would some cat treats make you happy?"

With his ears back he took stock of his options. He settled for a bowl full of chicken & liver pate.
After his feast, he rubbed up against the island and gave me a look that did melt my heart. He was happy. And Cortez is always happy as long as there is a sun-puddle to lie in.

So, off I went knowing that Teddy would be occupied with a few kitty treats and Cortez was guaranteed an afternoon of puddle-napping .

Being a cat-sitter means using tough-love sometimes. :(

hugs. Deb


  1. We depend on our cat sitters to use tough love on our kitties!

  2. I've heard about those wolverines...they sound absolutely devastating.

    Good for you, I bet he will appreciate staying inside tonight.


  3. We have fishers and weasels here too...kitties are only safe indoors.
    Jane x

  4. What cute pictures! Poor Teddy. Hopefully he understood your strict instructions to stay inside. Both kitties look quite content so mission accomplished.

    I love "sun puddles" and "puddle-napping"...thanks for bringing a smile to my face this morning.

  5. That tough love is what we have to use for Mr Toes now! He has been great about living indoors permanently but does give us a look like 'let me out' when we are in the yard...sorry boy but for safety's sake you are not going anywhere!!! Great photos!
    hugs, Linda

  6. Teddy and Cortez look like two striking fellows! And who can resist a sun puddle?

  7. The local card shop has a sun catcher that says " Don't let the cat out no matter what it tells you". So, so true.

  8. Tough love but needed by the sounds of it. What vey beautiful kitties. Mum melted at the sight. Hugs GJ x

  9. Aww, they are adorable. I'm glad you stood your ground with Teddy! Sometimes they need a little tough love. I think it's harder on us than it is on them!

  10. Teddy muñequito lindo sometimes tough love is necesary to avoid dangerous situations but with your rubbings and looks that melt the heart you´re letting Deb know that she is the most thoughtful and loving catsitter in the world. Cortez: how lucky we are!

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