Friday, April 26, 2013


It's not too often that I feature our dog, Kane in a post.
The cats, of course take center stage as we live with five and I cat-sit on a daily basis.
But, I was going through some photos last night and thought I would show these two of Kane when he was five years old. He will soon be thirteen.
This one was taken in Burnstown, Ontario near Renfrew.
This is 2005. 
Oh my goodness, we both look much younger. 
Kane loved it there and we would let him off-leash to follow us on a trail that became one of his favorite spots.
Another place he loved to run free was along the old rail-road line where the tracks had been removed in Carleton Place. Back then, 2005 again, he loved to spend hours outside in the snow.
Here he is having a rest. It would last 5 minutes and then he was off again.
Our walks today are slow and methodical and he must be on leash now. He wanders a bit too much. We leave the house without his tennis ball because after one good run to fetch it he may feel some aches later. Although he starts out jumping with excitement, he takes his time now & stops often to smell whatever grabs his interest. He likes a routine walk where he knows every yard that houses a dog or the porch where a cat lies daily in the sunshine.
He looks for other dogs on leash but only stares for a moment, maybe a wee bark, and then carries on.
He's not interested in causing a ruckus like the old days. Oh, how he caused a ruckus.
His eyes and ears are failing somewhat.

Yep, thirteen years old this summer. Hard to believe.
The thought does two things to me; it makes me proud to have helped bring this dog, who I found frightened and confused in a shelter, to this ripe old age knowing he is loved and cherished, and it also brings tears to my eyes and an ache in my heart knowing that the time has gone so quickly and his best years are behind him now. (He's probably thinking the same thing about me)
I'm really hoping for more years with him. 
Whatever it takes.
My boy, Kane.


He's just my dog. He's my other eyes
that can see above the clouds
My other ears that hear above the winds.
He has promised to wait for me
whenever, wherever, 
in case I need him

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hugs, Deb


  1. A beautiful post about your sweet dog .He is very lucky to live with you.Every dog should have a good home like Kane has ,so much love for each other

  2. Oh Deb, I know you love Kane and this is the sweetest tribute your loving and faithful boy!

  3. Oh do I know how Shelties can cause a ruckus! Barking is their main hobby, lol! Kane is just beautiful and how wonderful you rescued him. He's living a great life. My parents last Sheltie lived to be 17 so they do enjoy long lives.

  4. I loved Kane from the moment I saw him....I know he has your heart..the pictures tell the story! Much love!

  5. A beautiful post about your sweet dog Kane <3
    Wish you a great weekend :)

  6. Kane is so cute and I can tell how much he is loved. I'm so glad you rescued him and have given him such a happy life! I hope you have many more years together.

  7. Wishing you more good days with your beautiful Kane. He is the picture of being loved and loving back. It is a wonderful thing that you could rescue him and give him such a good life.
    Lily, WA, USA

  8. Oh geesh, you made me cry.
    Thinking of Eddie and Chicki and many more dogs I have said goodbye to along the way. And thinking that I can't ever say goodbye to Roy, though I know that's silly, because he is 9 and I may have to.
    But we have to accept that we loved them, and they loved us, and nothing, not even death, can change that.

  9. He's a beautiful dog and I can tell he has been well loved. You are lucky to have each other!

  10. What a lovely post about your wonderful dog, Kane!

  11. What a moving post...Kane is a sweet wonderful dog and the tight bond you have is a blessing Deb!Time goes by inexorably,no one can stop it but the love we share is the most important in life!
    Enjoy your daily walks with Kane at a slower pace and give him a huge kiss from this cat & dog lover lady♥

  12. Kane is a beautiful dog! I hope you have many more years with him. Give him a big hug from me! Happy Sunday!

  13. He's beautiful! I hope you get to share many more years with him.

  14. This is a lovely post with great photos, but that last shot is fabulous. So, so sweet!!! I love old dogs and Kane is a sweetie.

  15. Deb,

    I am glad to read about Kane. He is a handsome boy.
    I have a dog turning on 13 in June. He can't hear much either. I started using a clicker to communicate with hime. I just lost the other one last month on her 10th birthday. I have tears in my eyes how beautiful your post is. Please give Kane extra scratch and milk bones from me.