Monday, April 15, 2013

Fun with cats

It's been a weekend of rain and dreary weather, but when your business is to care for cats, you end up having fun anyway. Looking after all my kitty clients brightens up my day. Beautiful Dominique is always a sweetie and enjoys when I sit down on the floor and brush her until she shines.
She is such a lovely cat and over the years we have bonded very tight.
 She likes the routine of having her beautiful coat brushed, play-time with her mice and then I serve her a warmed-up, delectable dinner.

The tabby boys are doing well. They always share a bowl at dinner time. The owner has tried feeding them in separate bowls but they will have none of that. I've shown this photo before but thought it would fit in here well.

The calico ladies are 2 comfy cats. When I left them tonight they were hunting around the living-room for the treats that I hide here and there for them. A cats' life can get pretty boring at times so it's good to spice things up for them occasionally.

I think it's time to send you over to visit a very special blog called . Tatjana takes wonderful photos of her gardens and her gorgeous cats. She lives in beautiful Bavaria and has a very special talent with photography. Meet EmilFelix, Sammy & Jimmy on her patio today. If you look at the top of her blog you can translate German to English.

hugs, Deb


  1. Dominique is a beauty! How wonderful that you give such good in-home care. I know the cats' people must be so appreciative!

  2. I had a look at Tatiana's blog...I do not schprekenze ( sp.? ) whatever language is spoken in Bavaria...German? Do you? Beautiful pictures of beautiful kitties, yours and hers!

  3. What a privilege to have you as a cat sitter! You honour the job!
    What a privilege for you to care for those beauty and especial clients lovely Dominique, charming calicos and those nice tabby boys!
    Hiding treats when we are out is a great tip! Two weeks ago I bought a tiny baby blue mouse for Yuyu the youngest and 3 of oldest immediately started to play with it as if they were kitties again! All together they formed the Ituzaingó Sennior Cat Football match!

  4. Dominique is definitely a beautiful one! I've always liked that name too.

  5. Dear Deb,
    thank you for your kind words and pointing to my blog :-).
    Very beautiful cats you have to take care of there and you really have a great job.
    Have a nice evening, dear greetings by Tatjana

  6. I've said this before, you are blessed with the world's best job!

  7. Dominique is so pretty! It looks like she really enjoys the brushing.

  8. Oh such happy cats! Makes me happy too!

    hugs, Linda

  9. Dominique is beautiful. Thx for the blog link; I'll check it out.
    Hope you have a nice week.

  10. Dominique is beautifal as well as blessed to have your be her sitter!
    I looked at the blog link and loved the photos but could't see a tranlator at the top? Could you tell me more where it is and what the words are in German so I will recognize it? Thanks, Deb.
    I would love to read it!
    Lily, WA, USA

    1. When you go to the blog, if you wait a second, there is a message at the top that says the blog is in German and it asks if you want it translated to English.

    2. Thanks Deb,
      I still don't see it. The is a grey portion at the very top of the page that has some options like "Create a blog", etc. but it doesn't have an option to translate the blog. I think maybe because Blogger knows I don't have a blog connected to this computer the option for translation isn't offered. Could be. But thanks for your reply anyway. It is a beautiful blog - thanks, too, for sending us over to see it.

  11. Dominique has great markings.
    The tabbies remind me of Alex and Emily. Sweet!

  12. Banjo bittes me if I brush him too long. LOL!
    Love the kitty's nose!
    xo Catherine

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