Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Calico kitties

The weather here has quickly changed and we are now in for a snow-storm tomorrow.  I don't really care because I know it won't stay but I do feel for the robins that are sitting on my lawn right now. What must they think?

A walk about town with Kane was earlier than usual. I'm always amazed at the number of out-door cats that we pass by and today I caught a couple with  my camera. I saw a sweetie in a window, too.
Sometimes you have to look hard to see them.

I'm caring for two beautiful calicos today, one a vibrant and one pastel. Both lovely cats with lovely coats.
Calico refers only to the colour pattern on the fur, not to a breed.
The soft shades of grey, peach and white are known as a pastel or dilute calico. The stronger colours of black, orange and white are known as a vibrant calico.
This photo shows you the difference in the two.
Calico cats are also known to have a bit of cat-itude. They like to be pampered and treated with utmost regard. They are often the top-cat in the multi-cat household.
It is very rare to find a male calico. 
I, personally, have lived with two calico cats. One a vibrant and one a pastel. Both of these cats lived in a multi-cat household and both were treated with great respect by the other cats.
They definitely did 'lord it over' the others. 

My house is still upside down and Audrey is loving every minute of it.
She gets into mischief and I have to save her sometimes.
Annie, on the other hand, is waiting patiently to get back to her new favorite bed.

There is nothing like a french-bread basket to loll away the day in.

We are fixing and replacing windows and removing paint from and varnishing the window-sills.
Nothing too elaborate but a mess, none the less.
"One more day",  I am told. One more day.

hugs, Deb


  1. Such sweet pictures. I love to be walking and spot a kitty looking out a window! Hope your window replacement work goes smoothly. We did that job last summer.

  2. Lots of pretty kitties ! It has been raining and thundering on and off all day today and more to come ! I hear you about the Robins I feel the same they must think mother nature is nuts with all this mixed weather we are having ! My in laws took in a stray Calico kitten a few months ago she is a cutie ! All our cats we have taken in had been strays . Hope all the window replacements and work goes well ! Thanks for sharing . Have a good evening !

  3. I never knew that about calicos. I had a calico growing up (apparently she's was a vibrant calico) and she did have some cat-itude! She loved me though and was always sweet with me :)

  4. The weather is cold again here also. Cold, damp, and rainy. Such lovely calico cats. You have a wonderful job! I notice quite a few outside cats when we walk around the neighborhood also. Some are on porches, some on the street, and many ducking in and out of the culverts. Sometimes I wonder just how many cats live in the culverts under the city streets...

    1. Oh,isn't that awful, Rian. I find that all so heart-breaking. I see enough ferals here that make their home in the bush or under some old buildings.

  5. We dont have this colour but these cats are really stunning :)

  6. Annie in the bread basket breaks me up! I've noticed certain traits that go with markings and colour on cats. Is there an explanation for it?

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  8. Oh, yes, the CALICO.
    Mine is Miss Puss. When I got her from the shelter, they said her name was Teiah. Got her home, and after a few hours, I said, Hell no, your name is MISS PUSS.
    Respect, she demands it. Foolishness, she doesn't tolerate. She is a Queen that girl.
    But I know she loves me, in her own special way.

  9. Hi Deb. I want to let you know that your photos aren't visible to me in your two most recent posts. I tried Chrome and Internet Explorer browsers. Have a good day, Deb.

  10. On more day! Hope it's only that long! Yes those Calico's can have a very Large Cat-itude! My Emily was like that. Love seeing the cats you find our your walks. Hoping for warmer weather for you.

  11. Annie looks decidedly sleepy...

    Yes, we're getting some more snow. Maybe the last of the season. Or at least the second last. Or the third last...