Thursday, April 11, 2013

Cat radar

I'm never disappointed when I take my camera on a walk around our little town.

And if you look closely...  I swear, there is a cat in the window. I almost missed it but I do believe I have cat-radar built in.

There is never a day goes by that I don't come upon at least a dozen cats enjoying their freedom or watching the world go by from a safe spot in their homes. It certainly adds entertainment to our daily walks.

We will see a snow-storm blow through our area tonight. I am hoping this is the last of it.

hugs, Deb


  1. I had to really search in that last pic!
    I heard about your approaching snow on the weather channel. Take care.

  2. Such cute kitties! I really like the one in your first photo. What a gorgeous cat. I hope this is the last of your snow.

  3. I think I see an eye =)
    Well, they are all so sweet.
    Here there is freezing rain =( I hate freezing rain. I would much rather walk through the snow!
    Stay safe, Stay warm. =)
    Hugs to the felines!

  4. It's the eye that gives it away. I can't see much else though.

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    2. Look on the left side. You'll see the whole face at the top of the cat blanket.

  5. Yes, there definitely is a cat in that window. Terrific shots!

  6. Yes, I see that little grey face...

  7. Cuties for sure. I spotted the kitty watching you in the window.. Hugs GJ x

  8. Hello Deb,
    thank you for visiting my blog. You have a very nice blog and beautiful cats.
    Cat Sitter is your real job? How nice if we can make a living or just for fun?
    Hopefully the Google translated it :-) right now.
    Since my English is very very bad.
    I wish you all the best
    sincerely Tatjana from Germany / Bavaria

  9. Cats and tea cups? Your blog speaks to me! xo Now following.

  10. What an icky day! Hope the storm didn't hit you too hard Nice to see happy cats in the sun!

  11. I love taking a walk and seeing all the kitties in the window! Cute!
    xo Catherine