Friday, February 4, 2011

4 white cats waiting

Let's celebrate the white kitties with our love this February.

Ain't she purdy? How can you not love a white cat and yet there are so many that sit forever in shelters waiting to be adopted. We all know that black cats are the most over-looked cats in shelters due to superstition I expect, but the white cats are also overlooked because of the white hair. I have heard countless times from people that they would not adopt a white cat again because the hair was a problem. Well, if you think of it the hair is there whether you see it or not so why not have it more visible so you can clean it easier?  I really don't understand this logic.
Our local animal shelter has 4 beautiful white cats up for adoption and some have been there quite sometime. 
Do you remember Winter? I posted her months ago and she is still there. She is so beautiful and yet there she sits.

Marshmallow & Blizzard are brothers and they have waited awhile for a new home, too. They need to be adopted together and usually this makes the wait a little longer. Poor Blizzard's nose looks a bit beat up but these photos are old now and I'm sure he is looking very handsome now.
Puffin is a 1 year old female with a little grey cap. Doesn't she look like she would make any home more beautiful? 

So, as we celebrate the white cat this month please keep these 4 cats in mind if you or anyone you know would consider adding one of these beautiful white cats to their life. I have my white cat, Lily and I have never met a more gentle, sweet little soul as her. Her white coat adds beauty to my home wherever she lays her head. 
And Lily will tell you she looks gorgeous in pearls. is the shelter in the Lanark, Ontario area.

My little Siamese, Ginny is not well and today she has been diagnosed with final stages of kidney failure. Yesterday I took her in to the clinic for a geriatric analysis which included a blood test. I knew she had a bladder infection but she had been given an antibiotic 2 weeks ago and I had hoped that it was gone. The results of the blood test were not what I had expected. It was like a punch in the gut. She is comfortable, still eating and drinking and using her box but she is on antibiotics for an infection and we know that time is precious now for her. She is sitting on my lap at the computer as I type this and I am comforted by her purrs. She was born in 1986 and is the oldest cat our Vet has cared for. They are all very fond of Ginny at the clinic. Please put out good thoughts for her. We love her, dearly.
Hugs, Deb


  1. Deb I will keep Ginny and you in my prayers. I am glad she is comfortable and in your lap now. I know you will treasure all these moments with her. hugs, Linda

  2. Whitesters ARE special.

    My prayers for you and Ginny. Kidney failure is supposed to be quite painless so as long as she's happy, enjoy your sweet girl to the fullest.

  3. Oh Deb! Love and purrs to you & Miss Gin. It's so not ever easy and we send our best fishes to you both as you prepare for this transition.


  4. You and Ginny are in my prayers. I am very impressed with her age!! Give her a gentle hug for me and one for you. You have given her a wonderful life !

  5. I hope these cats find a home. My neighbor has a white cat with different color eyes-surprisingly he is not white. He is a big cuddly bear and also the root of the problem for me. I took care of the neighbors cat last weekend and came home with the scent. It has never been an issue before but this time it set them off. What I forgot to mention in the blog is my vet recommended composure calming treats and to plug in feliway which is a calming scent. All seems well this morning as they did the kitty Olympic sprints together.

    thank you for your supportive words.

    The vet also said to always wash your hands after touching another animal. Now I know.

  6. I lost my sweet Max to CRF almost two years ago. I vividly remember the "punch in the gut" feeling. We had taken him in for a yearly checkup with no idea anything was wrong. We left knowing he was terminally ill with only a short time to live. The sub-q fluids, helped a lot. He gave us another 9 glorious months. I still miss him, he was the best cat ever.

    Enjoy every moment with Ginny.