Thursday, February 10, 2011

How do you keep a cat from spraying?

If it is a male, NEUTER HIM. If it is a female, have her SPAYED. This will most likely stop the behaviour. It is usually a male cat that sprays but the female cat can also cause havoc in the home with inappropriate behaviour such as this.  If you have waited until the cat is older to have him neutered or spayed  he may continue to spray just because of habit. It can be a sign of dominance if you have a multi-cat household. I suggest you try to keep him calm by spraying Feliway in the areas where the cat typically sprays. Feliway has a website to give you all the info on this product. I suggest you also play with the cat more with toys that will tire him out such as the cat-dancer or a fishing pole with a toy on the end. Give him lots of attention and if all that doesn't help you may have to limit him to a small area of the house for a few days in hopes that he forgets about this nasty habit.
There are many things you can try if the above do not work. Contact my blog if you are dealing with this problem with your cat and I will try to help you.

A little about white cats
This white cat would be deaf in the right ear because of her blue eye.  Deaf cats have some issues to live with and I will post about them soon. But here is something you may not have known. The Albino cats are always pure white and always  have 2 pink eyes.
The Albino cat is very light sensitive and does not do well outside in the sunlight. They also will sunburn very easily on the ears. They are NOT deaf. Just a personal  note - I have never seen an Albino cat and I hope I do run into one through my cat-sitting service. They are quite beautiful. I believe they are very rare.

Well, I'm off to cat-sit some black & white beauties and house-sit for another couple. That'll be cats.  Hmmmmm...wonder if I can change that in the future? 
Little energizer bunny Ginny is buzzing along and seems to be none the worse from her diagnosis. She's a trooper.

Have a great day.
Hugs, Deb


  1. "Oh my!" about how to keep a cat from spraying. Last year I moved from Denmark to a little Greek island and it was an overwhelming experience first of all to come to terms with how many feral cats they have here and just how unwanted they are. In Denmark you'll almost never meet a feral cat - they've got amazing quality of cat shelters (I volunteered there for some years). But in Greece it's a completely different story and I now spend a large part of my day looking after cats. Luckily there's quite a few good-hearted expats (I wonder why it doesn't encourage the locals more to see what other nationalities do for their cats). Anyhow... I love every moment of it. But about cats spraying I was chocked to learn what smelly havoc having two female cats in the garden (a Greek hill side) can create. Last months the cats were on heat and I can't describe the all pervading odor! But... this month the local vets have agreed to do a one week neutering program (as many cats as can be collected) - this is good news even though many cats are pregnant by now.

    Wont take up more comment space now but just want to say so nice to meet you Deb! Look forward to reading more of your older posts.
    Joan (in Greece)

    1. Hi

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      Talk soon.


  2. Aunty Deb,
    I'm glad my Mama has spayed/neutered everyone in this household. No spraying problem. Oh, my fiance #3, Casper, is a white cat with blue eyes...and he's deaf. The RSPCA would have put him to sleep as nobody wanted to adopt but luckily Aunty Z saw him and fell in love with him. He's now in a nice forever home in country New South Wales. We go visit him once in a while. purrr.....meow!

  3. really love the header shot of you(?) and look forward to reading more about deaf cats. I work with deaf children and people and know about them but a deaf cat wouldn't know sign language so quite another thing. My white cats are Birmans so no deafness there. Thanks for visiting us. Helen, Darcy and Bingley

  4. Charlie was fixed at a young age so is the perfect gentleman when it comes to that! Glad to hear Ginny is doing well. Enjoy your visits! hugs, Linda