Thursday, February 3, 2011

Farewell to sweet Lucy

I'm crying as I type this. I received a sad but sweet email last night from the owners of Lucy, the little Siamese that was such a precious little cat who I had the opportunity to care for the last couple of years. She was 19 and passed away from kidney failure. I drove by her house just last Saturday and wondered how she was doing. I looked up to the 2nd floor sunroom where she would spend countless hours snoozing on her little bed. She was so much like our Ginny. Looked almost identical. She was a Seal-point Siamese and had stunningly beautiful eyes. I loved to photograph her because of her captivating beauty. Her owners mentioned in their email that Lucy never showed any aggression in her 19 years. When she would get frustrated she would grab on to her little blanket with her front feet and  kick the heck out of it with her back feet. I'm sure this will be one of the sweet memories of Lucy.
Her window sill was her place of comfort and sun-worshiping
Even if she looked grumpy at times she was sweet as sugar and loved having company
Baby blue eyes

This never gets easier for me to absorb when I hear of one of the cats passing away. There is a real feeling of loss. I wish I had been able to say good-bye but maybe that's why I drove by her home only days ago. So I would once again think of her and smile. She was just that adorable.
Rest in Peace, sweetie. I enjoyed every second that we had together getting to know each other and passing the time away. I'm glad you always enjoyed me reading and petting you while you stretched out beside me. I'll miss you.

Love, Deb


  1. My heart is breaking for you,Deb. She was a precious one and I don't envy you this part of your job! A big (((HUG))) to you!!

  2. Deb I am so sad for you. It is hard to lose friends and that is what all of these wonderful animals you care for are. Hugs to you, Linda

  3. Oh Deb, I so know how you feel. It sounds like Lucy lived a long and wonderful life. She certainly was a beauty. My Morgan who recently passed away had the same grumpy look but was a real sweetie.


  4. Rest in peace, sweet Lucy! Deb, our purrs go out to you and Lucy's family during this sad time :( It sounds like she had a good kitty life and will be missed.

  5. Your story of Lucy made my eyes well up. It sounds like she had a wonderful life. Always difficult to lose a sweet friend.

  6. Your pictures are just beautiful! Thanks for sharing. Sorry to hear about Lucy!

  7. Oh Deb I am so very, very sorry....I can just imagine the pain you must be feeling. Thank you for sharing your memories of Lucy with us through your wonderful words and photos

  8. This is always the hardest, most difficult time when we lose our pets. I think we are so blessed to love them with so very much and are so terribly sad when their life has ended. My son used to say, "I love you from the top of my heart", rather than the bottom of my heart...Lucy is among the angels, I believe. Bless you little one!