Friday, February 11, 2011

Feline Fast-Food Restaurant

My home has become a Feline Fast-food Restaurant. I seem to always be on duty; "Good morning, Kitty. Didn't I just see you 20 minutes ago?" There are never all 5 of them at once looking for a snack. No, no, no, no, no. They wander into the kitchen whenever the thought hits them and gives the stare. The stare turns into an all-encompassing, ear-piercing, operatic yowl that they have so beautifully perfected. Mornings start off great but within 2 hours I'm ready for a break. Now, I wouldn't mind so much if they all came in at once and we could get the SNACK over with. It doesn't happen. They come in one at a time, 20 minutes apart, every 20 minutes.
(Yes, I give them pumpkin to help them poop. They're old, ya know)

The day starts with them all having breakfast, together
That works great. Yes, we are still working on the kitchen. One more door frame to paint chocolate brown but first we have to replace the frame. That door leads to our sunroom which leads to the back-yard. There's Ginny on the left joining in. She is the first one howling for food in the morning.
It's what happens an hour later when the first little hunger pain hits one of them and they start the parade of kitties one at a time, 20 minutes apart, entering the kitchen and demanding another morsel. You are probably thinking....Feed the cats more in the morning and they will be full. Well, the whole time they are yowling for food their krunchy bowl is full to the top with fresh kibble every morning. That's not what they want. They just want one more spoonful of the smelly stuff.
I have tried to ignore them and put my head in a magazine while I try to have my breakfast. They jump up and sit on my magazine and stare in my this.
"Freeloaders!"  Or they may just sit beside me and scream. I love that one.
I find myself grabbing the food container and dishin' out one more big spoonful just so I can eat, 20 minutes.

I do believe it's a social thing. I'm eating and they should join me, so they think. It's the washing out of the bowls that can get a little ridiculous after awhile. I'm  a bit fanatical about that and would never put food in a bowl that is not completely cleaned. I hear you laughing...thinking  "ya sure".
That comes from my cat-sitter habits. So, I clean the bowls, stack them until the next cat comes in yowlin' and then dish 'em out again. 

So if I'm at home and in the kitchen this is what goes on. Of course, I am away a good part of the day feeding cats and cleaning bowls along with other stinky things and when I return I am always happy to see these 5 silly little faces. But, when home, I literally have to stay out of the kitchen.

Maybe I should start making them work for their food. Ya...that's the ticket."Here mousie....mousie.... "


  1. Hi Deb! I had to laugh at your breakfast picture because it looks a lot like breakfast at my house! lol Mine also come in the kitchen every time I do in hopes of getting a little bite of whatever I'm having...but all at once each time! Little beggers! Happy weekend!...hugs...Debbie

  2. I completely agree about the kids haircut WOW!! I LOVE those kitty dishes and that is about what it is like here ANYTIME there is tuna or turkey within a mile radius.....a howl that goes beyond describing! If treats, food and a drink of COLD water from the bathroom sink tap aren't prompt I am headbutted, pawed and nuzzled or nipped into submission. She will resort to messing the place up too.. rugs dove under, pillows jumped on until they fall off of the furniture, afghans burrowed into....yep, her bowl is full too..spoiled they are!! Have a warm safe weekend....40 here next week WOOT WOOT!!!

  3. Punkin for poopin! How much and how often? I hear ya when it comes to the kitchen meow meow meow.Of course mine have me conditioned --- crew meows,mom puts hand in biscuit tin and gives treats! Pavlov would be proud =^@@^=

  4. Oh but those hungrumbly pangs are just SO BAD!!!
    NoKitty should have to suffer so. Even after 20 minutes.
    I have a great mental picture of your Cats assembling a roster, using a stopwatch, and laughing up their furry little sleeves.

  5. Katnip Lounges comment cracked me up! I do think they know exactly what they are doing. I only have my one cat but his demands take top priority of course. I might start adding the pumpkin for poop although we don't seem to have any problems in that area yet! hugs and get out the cat treats. Linda

  6. This was a really funny post. It's awfully hard to do ANYTHING when the kittehs are demanding their noms -- around here I call that, the noise that could wake the dead!

  7. You have such spoiled cats! LOL They are blessed. I agree about that kids haircut..wowza! ;D

  8. Sorry I missed you! I will do up the paper work and drop it off at your place with a key next week. That ok?
    Have a good wkend.

  9. You know, I think you just solved a puzzle that we've been having at our house. When I come home, Ms. Jenga the foster Bengal is loudest of FEED ME; I go in and feed her first; then I leave to feed the others. No sooner is the door closed when she starts YOWLING again! After I feed the others I go back into her room and THEN she goes right over to eat. She just doesn't like to eat by herself. That must be it. One more reason for me to fall in love with her..

    I love the center picture of kitty & muffin.


  10. Aunty Deb,
    Here I was thinking of hamburgers and fried chickun....well, you did mention fast food! purrrr.....meow!

  11. hahahha... the old "bowl" but as we used to call it. We were children of a really good thought we knew a thing or two about hair for sure....

    hmmm... pumpkin makes ya poo does it? I might have to get me some of that..... I'm old too... and trying to take too much calcium... acckkk!