Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A good mug of 'Jo'

If you love to cook and enjoy blogs that have some great, easy recipes do drop by to visit with BJ. I have just made her veggie soup and it was delish. My daughter left with a container filled and Gary & I enjoyed a big bowl at dinner. Now don't get upset, but the dog had some too.HAH! HE LOVED IT!  She always cooks the most delicious looking get fat just looking at her blog. Oh, but I love it. And, she's so funny. You'll be a follower, I just know it.
It is coffee day with my friends, Bobbi & Martha. After visiting the tuxedos & picking up keys for the weekend cat-sitting,  I will brush the cat hair off and drop in to my favorite bookstore to enjoy a great coffee with the ladies. This pic was taken 2 years ago but that's coffee-lovin'  friends. We don't change much.
 Bobbi, Martha & me.

We do this often just to catch up. It's a positive thing & I recommend it highly!

Hugs, Deb


  1. wow, so totally cool that you stopped over to visit ME. coffee with the GREAT. We need our girl time don't we.

    you tend cats?? I think they are pretty, but ya know what. I am TERRIFIED of cats. They just seem so spooky to me.

    come again....wish I could have you over for a cup of JO

  2. I love BJ!! Isnt' she great. I thought that soup recipe looked good also. Glad to hear you made it. Now on my list of recipes to try! Friends are the best! It makes a day purrfect!

  3. My best friend and I were on the phone earlier today. She has five cats. She said when people reach over to brush some cat hair off, she tells them not to bother. She says it's probably lining her lungs as she's had cats all her life!

  4. Next best thing to a cat purring in your lap is a cup of coffee with friends...especially this time of year! You look like a fun trio!

  5. I also love bj, she is just so real. Meeting with friends looks like lots of fun! :D

  6. I visited BJ's blog from here and her food looks great!!

    Are the recipe's on her blog somewhere, I couldn't find them?

  7. BJ will either give you the recipe or if she works without one she will tell you the steps. Just comment on her blog and she will comment back.

  8. OMGoodness, sweet one, thanks so much for the shout out here. I do appreciate it so much.
    So glad you enjoyed the soup. Since there really is no 'recipe', all your favorite veggies can be added, as you know.:)
    I hope your day is blessed.