Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Cali the crank

It was great fun receiving all your comments about the surprise give-away. I still can't show it to you until the winner has received it but I will post a picture soon. So, we do have a winner thanks to Gary who closed his eyes and picked it from his fishing hat. The winner is Angie from Catladyland. Here is her blog and do visit 'cause she will have you laughing.
Please send me your address Angie and I will ship your gift off to you.

Now, on to the cats.
Last night I was bored and wishing I had a kitten to play with (I'm just kidding, we do NOT need any more kittens, believe me) since my ol' cats only give me a few minutes of their time before they are completely bored with ME.
"Hey Cal, Wanna play?" 
"Hm mm mm mm mm"
"OK...if it pleases you I will lower myself"

**whap....whap whap whap**
*Wappity, wappity, wappity, wappity*
"Get lost, Deb"

Well, that was it. Game over.
"How I love the face when she's had enough"

If you love kittens, and I know you do, drop by this blog for a moment of cuteness overload. I'll bet they would have played with me.

Hugs, Deb


  1. Such cute pictures of Cali! There's always a bit of kitten left in even the oldest kitties. And congratulations to Angie!

  2. I just love "THE LOOK" see it alot here with mine when the 10 yr old wants to play and Rosie is DONE LOL!!Cali is a cutie!

  3. I get that "longing for a kitten" feeling too! My cats are 11, 7 and 7 and they will play with me, but not as much as I want them to.

    Found your blog through catladyland today, and now you have another cat lady following you! ^..^

  4. Our 17 year old cat, who's be ailing, and feeling better for awhile.....she was running through the house yesterday. It sure did my heart good to see her running.
    Kittens are so precious, but your kitty playing with the string is pretty cute!

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  6. Too funny! I am very familiar with that look!

    ~ Tracy

  7. Ooooh I know how you feel! Until little Kitty turned up last summer I just had three old grumpies and Whiskers, who brazenly treats my house like a fast food joint, with somewhere to sleep if it's raining. The vet thought Kitty was about 18 months, but she just loves playing and having her fat tum tickled!

  8. Yay for Angie! She is the best and I love her blog! Makes me laugh all the time. Charlie gets these 'moments' where he will play and then I get 'the look'! Oh well. That Cali is such a doll. How is Ginny doing?

  9. Congratulations on your winner, I plan on giving her a visit.
    These cats at play pictures are so sweet,it's amazing how much company they are.
    Oliver doing better, and thank you for your well-wishes.

  10. yay!!! Concats to Angie!!!!!!!!

    We know her and LOVE HER!!