Friday, February 4, 2011


I'm vacuuming this morning. We are down to two carpets in the house. One in the office and one in the spare bedroom. The rest of the house has wood floors and just small scatter rugs. The sooner I get rid of the two carpets upstairs, the better. Some people think that a room feels cold without a carpet but I just put on woolly socks and enjoy the wood floor. It is so much easier with animals and the cleanup is more thorough. Everyone knows that if a cat is about to present you with a hairball she looks for the softest, cleanest spot on the floor... the carpet. I don't like shampooing carpets.....who does?? I love the look of wood floors, too. It's all good!
We've been working in the dining-room

Many different types of wood in the furniture, window frames & floor boards.

This small dining area fills up with sun from these two large windows. 
That's why this happens a lot.
"Ed, get off the table"

Lots of family pictures
Here's my dining-room floor for now. 
It's a chocolate colour (yummy!)
I will add a small scatter carpet just under the table so the chairs won't scratch the floor. The room is only 12 x 12 so it is a little crowded but I think it feels homey. We all love to eat in here when the kids come home. 
Have a good weekend everyone and I will leave you with this.....

If you are feeling a little unattractive today try to remember that everything is relative.
Hugs, Deb (& Ed)


  1. Ed is such a handsome guy! I love wood floors! When we bought this house almost 2 yrs ago now(wow time has flown) I loved it because no carpet except in the den (and I would pull that up in a heartbeat if Mr ALC would let me). Your dining room looks wonderful. I am working on de-cluttering my dining room and will share photos hopefully by the end of the month.

  2. Oh Deb; I'm with ya on the hard wood floors! If I wasn't renting this house I'd have had the carpet out ages ago!

    I must say that Ed is just this cats meOW! What a love! Siamese are my favorite breed and he looks quite the charmer. How elegant he is, even where he's not supposed to be!

  3. We have all tile floors and LOVE them! Our living room rug is modular...any Cat yak and I just pull up the soiled square and wash it in the sink.
    Kiss that silly Siamese for me!
    xx trish

  4. I love the look of wood too. We are going to be ripping up the carpet in our living/dining rooms in the next few weeks.
    The carpet there is well over 15 yrs old and DISGUSTING!
    We are in a condo so we didn't want to invest in hardwood. We are using Pergo...we heard that Pergo is fabulous for pets!