Saturday, February 5, 2011

A grand day and my grand-daughter.

It was a gorgeous day here today. Almost spring-like and you know I am ready for Spring.  So off we went for a walk in the bush. 
This is right where I feed the ferals but didn't see any today. Thought I might with the high temperatures we are having. 
Kane had a great time with his ball. 

He always makes me laugh when his tongue is hanging out. I have to remember he's almost 11 now so we don't overdo it. He just loves being out with us no matter what we do.
We had a visitor today. Little Riley dropped in with her mom & dad and we had some fun. She's not standing on her own yet but she loves to stand and hang on to something. She looks like 'a big girl' when she does this. Isn't she so cute!
"Hang on, Riley" She's 8 months old now. She'll be tearing around here soon enough. The cats will be running for their lives soon. Good thing we have a second floor :)

We are celebrating the white cat in February. They are the Cat Flavor of the month. 
 65 - 85% of pure white cats with 2 blue eyes are born deaf. If a pure white cat has one blue eye and one eye of another colour it is usually deaf on the side of the blue eye.
                        And that's a fact
hugs, Deb


  1. Deb, So much snow there ! But it's great to see you have a great company : )
    The white cat look fabulous, My dad used to have one when he was in New Zealand.

    Please have a great day and take care : )

  2. Ah you and Kane having a great time! That Riley is growing so fast! 8 Months already. So cute. I had a white cat with blue eyes and she was deaf. She would hide and it was so hard to find her. Loved that cat. hugs, Linda

  3. Riley is so precious.. what a great age, and how neat it is to see the pride/love on her dad's face.

    The picture of the 2 white kittens is so adorable.....

  4. How interesting about the white cats! Didn't know that. Riley is adorable. Pretty soon you won't be able to keep up with her!

  5. Looks like you had a perfect day Deb ~ good for you!
    xo Catherine

  6. your granddaughter is adorable!!
    You live in such a gorgeous wooded area, would love to walk there!
    Your Sheltie is adorable!

  7. What happy times! And your little granddaughter is a cutie!