Monday, February 14, 2011

Home again, home again....jiggady, jig & news on Charlie.

The snow is disappearing......good riddance!
The temperatures are up for now.........Yah! I heard today they will drop overnight.....Blah!

I'm really anxious to see the grass again and walk with my dog in my shoes instead of big boots. I hate boots!

Lily had her appt. with Dr. Bruce today. She is always so frightened, not knowing what to expect.
She is very much a home-body; seldom even goes outside on the deck in the summer unless I am out there. To put her in the car *gasp* and drive her to the vet is a nightmare for her. I keep her right beside me and talk to her softly. When we arrived the waiting room was full of dogs but they were well behaved and she just kept quiet. Dr. Bruce took a look and said "let's see if we can take this off" *yikes* but Lily was so good and she just sat very still and he removed what he thinks is a wart. He'll test it and let me know otherwise.

So, she is home now with her wart gone and she will sleep off the trauma of the day after a bite to eat. She is a bit of a drama queen in the car, you know.

Such wonderful news for Charlie the cat without ears and a nose. He has found a forever home. See the latest article written in the Daily Echo....

Have a wonderful life, little Charlie.

I had such fun with my 3 tuxedo's today. Well, 2 actually...Rosie doesn't play with me. She is ticked that mom is away.
Lola played hide & seek
Otis played and then wanted a back rub...which he got.
Rosie keeps her distance so I respect that. She can get quite hissy if I don't and I'm no fool. 

Hugs, Deb


  1. Poor Lily, I hope she can calm down now that she's home. My cats always make such awful noises when they go in the car, it's a wonder I don't run off the road from the stress of listening to them howl nonstop.

    Such good news about Charlie!

  2. Hurrah for Charlie!!!

    Here's a little kiss for Miss Lily, what a brave girl.

    xx Trish Happy Valentines Day!

  3. Great news for Charlie. Poor thing. I've just never heard of skin cancer on a cat and I can't help but wonder where he came from. I must have missed the beginning of the story, but I'm glad he has a forever home now.

  4. Tell Miss Lily that she is a good girl and will feel better soon. Great news for Charlie! So good to know he will have a wonderful home!

  5. Just in case you don't already know about this lady's blog I thought I'd put the link here. She fosters kittens and takes wonderful photos and writes about them. A while back her cat was even part of a Friskies cat food movie. The cat wore a video camera. It's like your blog...a nice place for cat lovers!

  6. Lola, Otis, and Rosie are too cute! I agree with Katnip Lounge..Lily was very brave!! Happy Valentine's Day! :)

  7. awww.... I'm so glad little Charlie found a home.... what a wonderful lady, giving him some good love..... I hope he has some great years left in him.....