Saturday, February 5, 2011

The written word

I love to write. I love the hand-written word. Whenever I have the opportunity to write to someone I really enjoy sending a message in my own hand-writing. It is so personal to send and to receive a hand-written note or letter.
I used to love to write as a child, too. Nothing special, really. Just doodling and writing words that I thought meant something to me. I was told by my teachers that I had "lovely penmanship" and always thought that was pretty cool. Even if my marks were less than perfect in a subject I always got a remark on my report card saying "but she has very good penmanship."  That got me out of trouble sometimes because it made my parents laugh.

My mother loved to write letters. When I lived in Calgary, Alberta for 4 years and my first child was born there it was hard to be away from home. I missed family and especially my friend in Toronto. I looked forward to my mom's calls every Friday just to check on things and see how my week had gone. But what I really looked forward to was her little notes and cards and letters that would come in the mail. They were always beautifully hand-written and sealed in an envelope with a pretty sticker. I will always treasure these notes from Mom.

I think we are losing the art of hand-writing and it is too bad. It is so easy and fast to just type or text or email now and even greetings are now done by the computer. Remember how it used to be so exciting to get a card or letter in the mailbox?

That is going by the wayside now and that's too bad. It's something that is just fading away.

When I had the opportunity to put together a cookbook for my kids this Christmas with their grandmother's recipes and some of my own favorite ones, I decided to write them all out in my own handwriting.

It would have been less time-consuming to type them and easier on the hands but I didn't want to do that. I have my mother's recipes written in her own handwriting and they are what gave me the idea to do this in the first place. The personal touch from one generation to the next. I could picture my mom sitting at her table with her tea and writing out this recipe that I had asked for and being very happy to do it. She always wrote at the bottom of the recipe.."Enjoy!" and I knew she really meant that.
So, I pass on this little tradition of writing when I can and not using the computer even if it is easier and faster.

Maybe my kids will think of me sitting at the island with a cat or two on my lap and my cup of chamomile tea and they will know that I really enjoyed writing out these recipes for them because I know that they loved these meals and will enjoy serving them to their children. Maybe.

There is only one thing that could be considered a problem when you love the 'hand-written word'. You may tend to keep every letter, card note, etc that was ever given or sent to you because they are special and you can't throw them out. But isn't that what beautiful hat boxes, owned by a woman who never wears hats,  are good for? I would say so.

For those that asked, Ginny is doing ok. She is eating well, drinking well, using her box and purring  continuously. My vet is very surprised she is doing this well after the results of her blood test so we just carry on and enjoy the time we have with her. She's on my lap and says "Howdy"

Hugs, Deb


  1. Not long ago my Mother gave me some letters and cards I had sent to her over the years. It meant so much to me that she had saved them. I wish I had kept more from her and my Dad. I do have some. Handwritten notes are very special. Glad to hear Ginny is doing so well. Hugs, Linda

  2. I totally agree with everything you said. I too enjoy hand writing and I know whenever any of my family or friends are the recipient I get a phone call thank you. There are so many beautiful papers to choose from. I have also used a fountain pen (no feathers tho) since I was 12 years old and have a good collection.
    Glad Ginny is comfortable. It is always difficult when you know they are in distress. My thoughts go out to you!

  3. What a unique and wonderful gift Deb! Straight from the heart ~ love it!
    xo Catherine

  4. Mum totaly agrees with you and loves to get hand written notes and letters, and to send them. Mum also has some very old recipes hand written from grandma a lot of years ago to mum when serving in the army. Mum keeps going to re write them for the grandchildren before they get too faded. Love the idea of yours to put them in a book.. Hugs GJ xx

  5. One of my great talents is my handwriting. I've done envelopes for invitations for my friends...but it's all just about moved to computers. I still like to write notes and cards and do treasure handwritten notes, even more now that they are getting so rare.

    Thanks for visiting. Please stop by often!

    And a big howdy to Ginny!

  6. I am glad to hear that Ginny is doing well. Enjoy your time with her. Handwriting is a dying art. I received a handwritten card in the mail yesterday and just loved opening it and reading the contents.

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  8. I couldn't agree more with this post. I still write thank you notes -- by hand, on paper or carefully chosen cards. I avoid e-cards for the birthday card. I treasure old letters, old cards, and like you, hand-written recipes. Your collections of those sound like treasures; I'm glad they were "written."

    I've a friend who writes thank you notes on cards she paints by hand. Each note is packed, indeed, crowded, with her handwriting and words. I save every single one.