Thursday, February 3, 2011

Sierra strikes a pose

It's a beautiful, sunny, cold day today. After running a few errands and picking up keys for the weekend, I came back home to empty the last of the boxes of dishes from the dining-room. I have decided to donate some of them to our local thrift shop so someone else can get some use out of them. I am getting very particular with what I like now (that's old age, folks) so I don't mind letting go of some of them.

Sierra found an odd spot today to sun herself. This is one of my dining-room windows and just because I put a different piece of furniture in front of this window, she had to make that her new resting place. She really was a poser today. She doesn't usually like having her picture taken but today it was all about that. She's so cute! Notice the little chip in her ear. When she was adopted they told us that she was found in a tree along the side of  a road and had been there for quite some time. That little piece of ear was already missing. She was about 4 months old when we found her and when she is out in the yard she loves to climb our apple tree. Monkey that she is. I always wondered where she came from and why she was found in that tree. The stories that some cats must have.

Speaking of 'chip', we are out to dinner tonight and then I have more keys to pick up. Although I'm trying to get weight off before Spring I still have to have my Fish & Chip night each week. We have the best Fish & Chip place around in Carleton Place called the St. James Gate. It is a little Irish pub and the food is great. It's just one of our 'date nights' that we never miss. Just means Kane gets an extra walk tomorrow.

Did you know that February is the month to celebrate white cats?  It's because they are 'white as snow' and February is certainly our snowiest month. They are the kitty flavor of the month. I think my white cat could use some attention and maybe a makeover. 
I'll be featuring many white cats that need homes throughout February.  Stay tuned. 

Hugs, Deb 


  1. Sierra looks gorgeous! I love it when they are in the mood to have their photo taken!!

  2. Sierra is lovely! She just looks on the verge of speaking! (well, of course she IS speaking it's just not a language I speak :)

    fish & chips sounds good to me! Yum!

    Ms. Stella O'Houligan ('s mom)

  3. What a poser she is being today! So pretty. So serene and tranquil there in her resting pose.

  4. Isn't it amazing how cats can make any place look comfortable? :)

    Hooray for white cats ~ I look forward to your photos!

    Have a Happy Weekend Deb!
    xo Catherine

  5. Sierra is so pretty! Now that I know February is white cat month..... I'll be celebrating our 17 year old Crissy all month (as if I don't already, ha)..