Wednesday, February 2, 2011

White-out on this White Wednesday

White is everywhere today. I love it but I am ready for Spring. We are buried under snow today and I am planning to walk to my cat-sitting clients rather than drive on these roads.
From our front door

 Luckily, they are all in our small town today. Back home, everyone sleeps after breakfast
 and all is well. Wish you could drop in for a coffee and a pumpkin muffin. I think that would be fun and the dog and cats are very bored with this weather and could use some excitement. They love visitors.

You could take a daisy home
Perhaps I'll find some cats in windows on my walk today (I know I won't find them outside....too much snow)

Hugs, Deb


  1. We are snowed in too and I wish I could click my shoes 3 times and be there for a muffin and coffee with you and to see all your beautiful kitties!!! Family all home today even the hubby's shop closed because of the weather! Also loved the pics of Riley and Cooper modeling the scarf in the last post...they both wear it well!!!

  2. You are ambitious to walk to your client's homes in the snow! I would do the same thing except my clients are not within walking distance but thankfully we had a lot of cancellations today!
    Your kitchen shelves are so neat and tidy and charming!

  3. Brrr! So much snow! I know my staff got really bored with our 5 days of being snowed in, but they had learned from previous snows not to even try to slip out the door! Too cold and wet! Love all the white! Stay warm!...hugs...Debbie

  4. BRRRRR...stay warm on your walk and hug those kitties and Kane for me. Wish I could stop for a cuppa and a muffin!

  5. Oh Deb, what a lot of snow :-(
    I've never tried pumpkin muffins, they look delicious, thanks for the recipe !
    And what a lovely picture of Riley, she's so cute !
    I'm looking forward to Spring ...
    Lovely wishes,

  6. Thanks for coming to visit Dante, today! We are having the same weather as you, since we live in Orleans. I haven't even ventured out at all today -- you are very brave.

  7. glad you made it home safe and sound. you actually took a yucky situation and made it look beautiful with your photos!
    Also I wish I were soooo lucky to have someone as wonderful as you watch my cat!
    You are an Angel! xoxo

  8. Beautiful cats you have and what a lovely old dog.