Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Chocolate Chai Tea & pumpkin

Thanks for all your fun comments on Audrey. She really is a nut and keeps us well amused. I just hope I can make her comfortable enough. :-b
                                             Chocolate Chai Tea
I received many new teas to try at Christmas. My friend, Martha gifted me with a tin of Chocolate Chai Tea.
This tea is a combination of Rooibos tea (red), dark chocolate, ginger, cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg. I loved this tea. I did add honey, though,  but that's just my taste. I found that a little bit of honey took it right over the top for great taste. Honey will do that. With this particular tea I think a savory dessert would be better than something sweet.
It is suggested on the tin to add a little milk. 
It was great without milk and I recommend this tea to try. looks pretty in an orange tea-cup. :)

Now..for the cats...As I type this tonight, Audrey plays at my feet with a Q-tip. It's one of her favorite things to bat around when she is in the office with me. Her other favorite toys are string-beans that accidently hit the floor in the kitchen or a straw. Other than her ping-pong balls, she ignores cat toys (of course).

                                                         Add some pumpkin
Not all cats can tolerate or like the taste of the commercial products out there that help rid the stomach of excess hair. Unfortunately, most cats do suffer with the build-up of hair from grooming in their stomach and this can cause health issues and discomfort.
Our Annie is a 'groomer' and requires some kind of help with hair build-up but, for digestive reasons, she cannot be given the commercial gel. Adding pumpkin to your cats' diet will add lubrication or soft bulk to the stomach to help hairballs pass easily. Most cats do not mind a teaspoon added to their soft food twice a week. If they do not like the taste, I recommend adding a quarter teaspoon at first until the cat gets used to the taste. This will help with a constipated cat, as well. If the pumpkin is not a welcome addition to your cats' food then try some baby food squash or cooked yams.
Remember to always put time aside twice a week to groom your cat. This is the best way to bond and prevent hair-ball issues.

-one of my followers asked who the company is that made the 'thank you' card I posted last week. It is made by Treasures.
-and for all those who were worried about Audrey's comfort..I found her an acceptable, much-longer box. 

hugs, Deb



  1. Our little Bitty cat loves and ink pen! She bats them all over the place! She is our funny, quirky kitty!!

  2. Luckily, Truffle and Brulee like the Laxatone (Sweet Praline never did!). So far, only Truffle is throwing up the hairballs. I think that's because she grooms herself and Brulee. Haven't tried the pumpkin yet.

  3. I love chai with milk and honey. Night of the Iguana is a pretty good chocolate chai (think it's only available in looseleaf), my sister likes it without milk and lots of sugar.

  4. Why do cats choose to stay in an uncomfortable sleeping situation rather than simply move? Years ago, I heard a bit of butter in the cat food will help them pass the hairballs.

  5. what a great 3 cats will definitely be trying the pumpkin especially as one of them is prone to constipation !! the tea sounds great !
    Gail x

  6. Hi Deb, thank you for stopping by to leave me a comment; I am thinking you would like to be linked up to the Ontario Blogger day I will be hosting. Deb, could you please confirm this by emailing me at Pumpkin is also good for dogs that have the "runs", as my friend has been using it for years. Good idea with the kittehs too.
    "Just Me"

  7. We put one quarter teaspoon of unflavoured Metamucil (sp?) type product in the cats''s tasteless fibre,and cheap!
    Jane x

  8. Deb, I've got the same brand of tea, but it's coconut chai...simply lovely, I've actually give tins for Christmas it's that nice.

    Glad to hear that Audrey is happier....Boo seemed to have gone through a growth spurt a while ago, and my husband was always saying "is he longer."

    That pumpkin tip has saved our kitty since you mentioned it last year, I am so grateful for that tip..

    Boo is sensitive, and has tummy troubles, and finally after 8 different types of food we found one that works for him, and he gets pumpkin every couple of days.

    I dollop them by the spoonful onto a baking tray, and freeze them, once they are frozen, I just pop them into a freezer bag, and we defrost them one at a time when we need it.

    Again, I am so thrilled that you mentioned this amazing tip.


  9. I dont mind the malty stuff on my paws to help with the fur but mum says she will try the pumpkin.. Hugs GJ xx

  10. The tea sounds scrumptious! It's so funny you advised the sister's Vet just advised her of this for one of her worked rather well! Love the advice on this! Audrey and Mae share so many things....too big for their beds and playing with Q-tips! How fun is that!!!

  11. I started using pumpkin in Bailey's food a few years ago and have introduced it to Rosie. For Ragdolls it's a must with there thick fur and love of grooming. Great tip! XOXO

  12. Does grooming short-haired cats really help?
    Our kittens, Pixie and Pyewacket just turned 8 months old. I am definitely going to try the pumpkin in their food, though so far they have not had any issues.
    I think I have said this before, I am a relatively new follower, and absolutely love your blog. So cozy, delightful and informative.

  13. I've never heard of that kind of tea. I usually go for Earl Grey or Irish Breakfast, with an obscene amount of sugar.

    Annie looks like a grand cat!