Wednesday, August 21, 2013

A good tired

         Some people have cats and yet go on to lead normal lives. ;-)

                                             "Well, I never..."
                             The ever-so entertaining Audrey
The busiest week of August is coming to a close.  Most of my kitty-clients this week have required two visits daily for one reason or another which, of course, makes the day very long. Some are on medication and some just need more attention along with their meals divided up throughout the day. I have seen many regular kitty-clients and a few new ones. It's been exhausting but a lot of fun. I end the day with a long walk with Kane just to wind down and enjoy the cool evening breeze. He has a real skip in his step these days after a bath, a nail trim and testing out a new dog food that he loves. Kane does not eat dry dog food as I cook for him but I do give him a little canned once in awhile and the Wellness Chicken and Sweet Potato is a real hit. Because I cook for him he will eat every vegetable presented to him except for mushrooms which he will spit right in your eye. That's right, he will eat his broccoli. :-b

The sun has been shining every day this week but we are now expecting rain. Annie took full advantage of her daily sun-puddles.
 I do need a cat-nap.

hugs, Deb


  1. Sweet - makes you want to curl up on the rug too. Cats sure know how to take it easy. Miss Pops is flaked out on my couch. She has had her two hours up for the day already - time to nap.

    Julie and Poppy Q

  2. My cat, Miss Marple is licking my arm as I read this post. So you too have a dog on a special diet ? One of our dogs, Hawk, cannot have any grain and that has been a difficult transition for him & us. I catch him eating grass seed heads any chance he gets. But the diet has alleviated a serious condition he has . Still, it amazes me to find myself catering to special diets for him.

    Cat-naps in sun puddles, oh so tempting. I hope you catch one today.

  3. Hello, Audrey!
    You have a very busy Mom. Plus, you like to keep her on her toes,!
    Perhaps you give her a bit of a cuddle and purring session to help relax her =)

  4. My kitty is curled up in my studio and feeling as if this is home after our long journey across the country. Yes, it's a good tired and if there's a little sunshine this afternoon, I think I'll curl up too, XOXO

  5. Sun puddles must be taken advantage of!

    Audrey's using her patented, "Do What I Want Or Else I Shred Something" look.

  6. Love the look on Audrey's face! Our kitties love the sun puddles, too.

  7. Your photos are so adorable. You have had quite a busy week.
    I recently introduced my cats to Fussie Cat chicken and veggies canned food. It is so funny...none of the 6 will eat the green peas!!!!!
    Glad you and Kane are enjoying cooler weather for your leisurely walk! Have a great weekend.

  8. Kane enjoy your delicious homemade food, broccoli is really good!Could you share a bit with Cacho and Chiquita?
    Cat-naps are so inviting, love when my cats relax like Annie does ♥
    Have you taken yours Audrey?♥