Sunday, August 18, 2013

Tea for one

It's tea for one today. I'm on my own this weekend and I won't lie to you...I love it. I have always been the type that needs to have time to myself and, although I have been very busy flitting from house to house to care for kitties, I still enjoyed the quiet in between.

I did some cleaning, (of course. What woman doesn't clean when the house is empty?)  I did some shopping (for me and a birthday girl), reading, eating my own personal preferred junk food, went for walks and drank lots of tea. My nights have been a bit harried as Mr. Ed misses the retired-guy and clomps around all night looking for him. Geesh...It's like I have an intruder with a wooden leg. He finally settles with absolute disgust when he realizes I'm it.

I picked up another  Deidre Wicks watercolour and added it to my dining-area.

No, this is not clutter. Remember the saying.."Only surround yourself with things you love." I love it.
I couldn't resist this one and saw another one I just may go back for. her out.

hugs, Deb


  1. Isn't being alone LOVELY? LOL at Mr. Ed, Felix is the same way about his Dad--I'm a VERY poor second for company. The grey kitty is Audrey to life!

  2. I like the watercolour. I like spending time on my own, too, that is without another human. I'm never truly alone with four dogs and three cats.

  3. I love being alone. Always have. It's nurturing to the soul. I get exhausted with too much TV noise and trivia.
    The sound of the loom is enough.

  4. When our old Siamese couldn't find anyone/thing he wanted he'd just start singing opera,and he'd stand in the area of the house with the best acoustics too!
    Jane x

  5. A lovely watercolour!

    Mr. Ed will be pleased to see the Retired Guy get back.

  6. I enjoy my alone time very much. The watercolor is so pretty. I visited her website and love her work!!

  7. Oh, very nice! I like her work! Yes, I enjoy some alone-time, too! This sounds quite lovely!