Monday, August 5, 2013

TLCC all around

                               Tender-lovin' Cat-care 

Well, that was probably the busiest weekend for cat-sitting this year. I'm done like dinner so put a fork in me.
I have distributed TLCC *insert CAT where appropriate* to so many beautiful felines in three days that I'm beat. My back's been abused from all the stooping and scooping, dish-filling and water-bowl refreshing (I told you this was a glamorous job), but the cuddles and the nuzzles, the play-time and the grooming is what makes it all fun. I'm tired and covered in cat hair but I still manage to smile. I've had jobs in the past that at the end of a busy week I was good for nothin' and cranky.  Not anymore.

I love this shot. Look at the face on Cortez. He wants out!

Here's Ripley waiting for me to arrive.
I'll put a post together soon of this weekend's charges. So many gorgeous cats.That is, all but one shy one, Ellie. All I saw was the south-end of this northbound cat. Then she'd disappear into her safe-zone which happened to be a finished basement. I was forewarned long ago and have to be content with the fact that she was eating and using her box. Oh well, there's always next time.

It has been so great to drive through the country-side today. The weather was perfect.  Deer were everywhere this weekend as if they knew that any harm to them was at a limit since most people were at cottages. Such magnificent creatures.
AND for my dishaholic friends...
I took some time to do some re-arranging in my cupboard today when I dropped back home for lunch.

I'm needing to see more white again so the blue and white have been put away for awhile and the creams, browns and white is what suits me now.  When life is hectic and stressful (my sister's surgery wore on me a little but she's doing well) I never get tired of playing with dishes....or cats. Cheaper than a therapist. ;-)

hugs, Deb


  1. What lovely pussy cat faces. I always feel a bit sorry for cats stuck inside in the summer time, and I know for most this is the safest thing. Miss Pops loves the back door open and to sit in the warm garden, watch the birds, feel the breeze and sniff the air.

    Julie and Poppy Q

    1. Cortez does go out, Julie. It's just best they stay in on the cat-sitters' watch.

  2. Cheaper than a therapist ... AMEN!


  3. So busy but I do know you love it!! I always love to see your cupboard re-arranged!


  4. I love Ripley hahaha he looks so funny waiting for you.