Sunday, August 11, 2013

Noireau & a birthday celebration

This is my newest client, Noireau. Look at that handsome face. I love his markings and he is so soft to the touch. His little white bobby socks are perfectly matched. He has a charming personality and makes this cat-sitter feel very welcome on arrival.

                      What's goin' on in the kitchen?
I baked a banana birthday cake for my daughter, Jess's, birthday party. This is one of her favorite cakes and I knew she would appreciate it. She loves berries so I added a few just to pretty it up. 

We had a great get-together to celebrate her birthday and their 1st anniversary. It was nice to see some of Mike's family again.
Jess was surprised that Mike could pull this party off without her knowing.  Me, too.  

They have a beautiful piece of property and this is the view from their back door.
Jess has been busy with their huge vegetable garden. Everything is so lush right now.
I came home with fresh from the garden cukes.
Gorgeous perennials

Some of the munchkins running around.

It's evident that our newest grand-child is due very soon. I'm getting very excited. 
                                                         Under the Magnolia Tree
Jess says it's time for her to drink Raspberry Leaf Tea. Apparently it helps prepare the body for the big day. I'm wondering what kind of tea the nervous nana should drink?

"Happy Birthday, Jess" & "Happy Anniversary, Jess & Mike"


  1. My friend's Mum drank raspberry tea,went for a walk and went into labour with my friend. Jess, stay at home!!!
    Noireau has such a peaceful air about him.

  2. Great post and photos. Noireau is adorable.

  3. Hello Deb,
    Noireau is so beautiful. I love black and white cats especially, no, I love them all :-).
    Congratulations to your daughter for her birthday.
    The cake looks delicious.
    Greetings from Bavaria by Tatiana and the boys

  4. We think nervous nanas should drink Gin!!

    The property is just lovely, it looks like a perfect spot to build a home.

    Julie and Poppy Q

  5. Your new client, Noireau, is very handsome. Looks like you were busy making lovely family memories as you celebrated a happy birthday and anniversary with Jess and Mike. I agree with Poppy ... bring on the gin! ;)


  6. Noireau is very handsome indeed!

    Your day together as family looks lovely and here's to your daughter's safe delivery (which I agree looks to be very soon!).

  7. What a lovely party! She is ready 'soon' isn't she! I know you are excited and nervous. Soon that new baby will be here!

  8. Wonderful photos, nice time:) Greetings

  9. Very nice visit. Great looking bread Meow

  10. Looks like you had a wonderful time!

    Noireau looks quite handsome.

  11. Noireau you are so beautiful! what a priviledge to be welcomed by this charming boy!
    I love Jess´ garden full of vegetables and flowers and kids enjoy a lot running and finding little insects and butterflies around.
    Chamomile & lemmon verbena tea would be great for a very soon exultant, loving nana!♥