Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Colosse - the Great

I love to see cats in windows and if you add lace curtains...well, that takes it right over the top.
I found this online and wanted to share it.

I've been caring for our neighbourhood tough cat, Colosse the last week. I don't normally look after cats that go in and out of their homes but I made an exception here because he only lives two doors down and he's the size of a small dog and can hold his own. He would be miserable and probably tear the house apart if he was kept inside so the owners asked that I let him out and bring him in as I see fit. So, that's what I did and he had a great week of comin' and goin' and wrapping me around his great big paws.

Here are a few photos of the toughest most fearless cat I know.
First off, here he is in his window.
Of course he's on the second floor so he can look down on the rest of us.

He'll take on any dog that walks by so it's best to keep them on a leash
since you'd never get him on one. 

He owns all the cars on his street.
Especially the red ones.

                                                         King of his Jungle...he is.

"til he hears the dinner bell.

Colosse -  short for Collosal (so great in size or force to elicit awe)

                             It's World Cat Day today. (Aug.8)
If you can't be with the cat you love,
Love the cat you're with.

hugs, Deb 


  1. What a cat--he has a very lordly and aloof look about him!

  2. So cute and nice cat-photos..-) Hugs Stina

  3. Awesome dude. I love going in and out too. In fact all of the cats on our small street live inside/outside. Must be a Kiwi thing.

  4. Wonderful guy... and Happy World Cat Day! Love the quote...

  5. Colosse definitely looks in charge of his domain. And the picture at the top of the cat with the lace curtains is great! (the fact that he looks like our Thibbadeaux who passed away about a year ago at 19 makes me like it even more...)

  6. What a handsome dude! - so glad to hear that even though he's allowed outdoors, he's extremely well looked after by his family.

  7. Your king of the jungle is beautiful -- and the first one reminds me of Gypsy. Happy World Cat Day --maybe there will be a little something special in Lizzie Cosette's dish today!

  8. OMG they're so adorable! the white one reminds me of my first cat, lovely pics

  9. Colosse is very handsome and his photo shoot is a great way to celebrate World Cat Day!