Thursday, August 22, 2013


The thunder was all around as I took some extra time to enjoy a coffee or two before heading out to my hungry cats. The rain will shorten my day today as there will be no need to give a drink to clients' potted plants that greet me as I drive up their driveways. Most plants are starting to look like they are on their way out now anyway. I'm thinking its' soon time to decorate the front porch at home with colourful mums.

I have two timid cats today to start care for along with all my happy, friendly ones.
                                                                     Shy and Adorable
 I love to work with the shy ones because when I do see some progress I feel good for both them and myself. It's a challenge but a great joy in the end.

I filled a cookie tin today  (don't you just love cookie tins?) with my chocolate chip walnut cookies.
 This would be a good day to take some time out of the day and enjoy some tea and a treat. My blue and white cup and saucer is called Countryside and it is one of my favorite patterns.
I have collected a few of them now and they mix in well with my other blue and white.

The cats are just lumps today. Not a movement from any of them.

Here's your cat-tip-for-day today.
Do not leave a bread basket out on the table on a rainy day unless you don't mind a sleepy cat to find it.
In all honesty, this is now a cat lounger. The real bread basket is safely tucked away. ;-)

Hope you are seeing some sun today and lots of *JOY*.

hugs, Deb


  1. Pretty kitties ! Oh tea and home made cookies how wonderful ! We got a bit of rain but nothing to make my gardens sing but boy did it ever make it humid after ! Thanks for sharing ! Have a good day !

  2. It's definitely a day out there to spend snoozing.

  3. I just want to reach into the photos to pet your orange and white marmy guy! Love this post!

  4. Love the cat in the bread basket. It really does make a lovely cat lounger.

  5. This post is full of joy...cookies, warm tea, comfy cats
    Lovely post
    Hugs madi and Mom

  6. Your Countryside cup and saucer is lovely. The teapost is very interesting! I still haven't tried your cookie recipe...maybe this week end...

  7. Love the marmalade kitty cat...reminds me of my Baby Kitty! Your cookies look yummy!...hugs...Debbie

  8. Love your sweet kitties, I have one of my own that I adore!
    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I loved visiting your warm and cosy home and all your furry friends.

  9. That little orange and white cat doesn't know it yet, but he/she's going to fall madly in love with the cat sitter.
    Your bread basket does make a splendid kitty bed, doesn't it? Perfect size and shape for a good snooze. Bet my cats would love one. Or more.
    We'd give anything to see a rainy day....((sigh)).

  10. Such sweet kitties. Charlie thinks anything left out is a cat bed if he thinks it is!

  11. We can totally relate to snoozing in that comfortable looking bread basket, it looks perfect for a nap!!

    We are going to get some of that rain today, but tomorrow should be very nice! Hello to your kitties and the 'shy and adorable' too.