Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Relax, let go...

There aren't many cats that would lie around a house in this position with a 3 year old and an 11 month old romping around. This is our grand-kitty Ozzie. When this guy's tired he doesn't give two hoots what is happening around him. He just zones out.
We could all take a lesson from this guy to just relax, let go and trust that all will work out.

Cat tip-for-the-day=^..^=another cheap toy
You know I'm always trying to save you some money so here is another very cheap toy you can make for your cat.
I don't have photos for this one but here's what you do.
Drop in to your local thrift shop and pick up some baby socks for .25 - .50 cents a pair.
Fill the toe with dried catnip that sells at most pet stores for a couple of dollars a tub.
Tie the top tight with a short piece of raffia.
Throw on floor.
Enjoy the show. You can get a year's worth of cat toys out of one tub of cat-nip.

hugs, Deb


  1. I love to watch cats sleeping. They do seem to have the right attitude about relaxing!

    Good idea about the catnip toy. Our Chase Bird adores catnip.

  2. I am typing this with a cat in my lap . She is taking up most of the keyboard space too. I think she likes the catnip toy idea but was appalled by Ozzie's blatant un-catlike sprawl. She faces such reckless abandon daily with our other cat and she is not amused. :)

    Ozzie is a wonderful cat, who couldn't love such an easygoing kitty, especially your grandchildren. Does he allow them to play with him ?

  3. Riley carries him around all the time. He doesn't seem to mind anything. His counterpart, Cooper is a little more leary (or smart, not sure) and sets down limits with the kids. They are good with them, though.

  4. Deb...Ozzie is just a big ole' precious! I love this photo!!! Just want to kiss his tummy! What a great idea for a catnip as always!

  5. Deb! Ozzie is just a big ole' fluff isn't he? Just love this picture...I just want to kiss his tummy....precious! I love the catnip toy as always!!

  6. This is so funny! Mr Toes sleeps like this! Cracks me up everytime!

  7. I've done that before and it's a big hit -- and since almost every toy ends up in the Dead Zone (we have no idea where she kicks them to) it's a good reminder to make some more. Knit baby booties work, too!

    Loving Ozzie!

  8. Hahaha!!! That's one comfy kitty!!!

  9. He really does look relaxed! How cute. Thanks for the cat toy tip. Great idea!

  10. Ozzie is sweet, cute and wise!