Sunday, August 4, 2013

It's only a matter of time...

If you look close, you will see a tail to the right that obviously does not belong to Lily.

Around our home, there is no sitting on the couch without checking very closely if there might be a body under a blanket or a cushion. 
In this case we were forewarned.

You just have to lift the blanket to find AA (Audacious Audrey) hunkered down for her nap.
As you may have guessed, she has never been sat on.....yet.

Besides Audrey, I also love honey.
I came across this article in Woman's World magazine today.
More reason to love honey.

I am fortunate to live near enough to a bee-keeper/blogging friend who has the most wonderful honey I have ever tasted.
Drop over for a visit..
hugs, Deb


  1. That Audrey always makes me smile! I need to find some local honey for my tea!


  2. AA is a hoot! I almost bought honey at the farmers market yesterday. I'll have to put it on my list ... along with a lavender mosquito repellant ... I"m almost out.

  3. AA would be SALEM at our house! I always flip her out of the blankets when I make the bed--talk about a startled couple of goons!

  4. Love that pic of Audrey's face in the blanket!

  5. Deb, you haven't even had my BEST honey yet!!! Because I met up with you so late in the bee-year, you got late-harvest goldenrod stuff (not that it's terrible!!!) Wait until I give you some this year's ungranulated stuff. I could cry, it's so good. Those bees are wondrous creatures. Thanks for the plug! I have a beekeeping post up today. :)

  6. There's at least one honey vendor at our local market... and there might be more!

    Aww, Audrey is such a sweetie!

  7. What a cure photo of Audrey! Sweet!
    That is good news about Honey! Enjoy!
    Lily, WA, USA

  8. What a precious photo of Audrey! I love that cat.

  9. Good picture of Audrey; there's never a dull moment with her around. And good advice about honey. I haven't bought some in a while. It's time I did, I think.

  10. Audrey looks totally adorable in that shot!!!!

  11. hahaha that's a funny picture of audrey! looks adorable.