Saturday, August 31, 2013

Pallas Cats at the Prospect Park Zoo

After coming across this video there is no doubt that The Pallas Cat can have some weight issues. There's no way these are nine pounders. Someone needs to run up and down with a feather on a stick for these two lovelies. I would love to volunteer.

Well, we say goodbye to the summer weather and welcome the cooler, Fall-like temperatures now. I am so looking forward to Autumn with it's cool breezes and bursts of colour. I am thinking of apple pies, pumpkin muffins & hot soups to be made. I expect we will still have some warm weather but the hot, humid air will now leave.
"Welcome September".

hugs, Deb


  1. After seeing the picture of the pallas cat in your last post, I was fascinated!
    I watched several of the videos about them and read several articles. Did you notice their eyes? They are one of the very few cats whose pupils expand and contract like ours do and not with the vertical opening of most cats.
    Thanks for bringing these wonderful cats to our attention!

  2. What a fascinating video. I wish I could say the cooler weather is upon us too--it's hitting 90 today in North Carolina! But yes, welcome September; today is my hubby's birthday and starts the Fall off with a celebration, XOXO

  3. The Pallas Cat -- another of Mother Nature's wonders ... thank goodness!

    Yes, UGHust is over and now sizzling September begins. I'll be glad with Halloween arrives and perhaps some cool!


  4. I'm a bit sad that it's September already and I have to wait so long for summer.
    Jane x

  5. When I first saw your picture of the Pallas cat, I thought it was a domestic breed that I'd never seen before... even though it reminded me of a bobcat. Since your video, I looked it up and now know that it indeed a wild breed. But from what I read, it isn't as large as it looks... supposedly only averaging between 5 and 9 lbs. It must be all that thick hair! Thanks for bringing this cat to my attention.

  6. I knew there was something odd about their eyes. Thanks to "weaverpat" above now I know what. Also their low set ears. But I know they have incredibly thick, dense fur. They are like snow Leopards in that regard as their natural habitat is very similar. Rugged, snowy mountains. Still odd looking cat faces. However the grooming is pure kitty-cat! Beautiful animals. I've check out from the library a book on the smaller wildcat breeds - very interesting. Some are so house-cat like but not really able to tame even semi-domestically. BTW, There is a great stir-up here in the states as they've found a feral Savannah cat that the city it's in can't seem to capture. That is really a rather large cat to be feral in neighborhoods. I believe they are taller than Bobcats but not as illusive. They are so expensive I wonder no one has claimed it as escaped yet. Maybe they're afraid of a penalty!

  7. Aren't they beautiful! I thought there was something "human " about their eyes but I thought it was just their intense look. Weaverpat is on top of her game when it came to identifying why's the cat's eyes looked so special. Good show, weaverpat!

    Our autumn will still be hot...but nots AS hot....

  8. Hmmm, next time I am in NYC, I am going to have to make my way over to this zoo! That is SOME COAT those kitties are sporting!