Thursday, August 8, 2013

Smoothing out the wrinkles

Annie helps me make the bed each morning. Because she doesn't have any thumbs, I do the tucking and she does the smoothing-out at the end. Like most people, I don't iron my sheets. I don't iron at all to be honest.  Now that I have hired help (Annie) I'll never iron again. She has mastered this craft so well that I have decided to hire her out to anyone who could use her help. She's such a giving little creature and feels she needs a purpose in life.

So, if you need her just let us know in the comments. She will also perform smaller jobs around the house such as smoothing out your freshly-washed laundry and finding all your dust bunnies.

hugs, Deb


  1. Dear sweet Annie, you are such a lovely kitty that I need you not only because I hate ironing but to pet you I give you all the love I have in my heart♥

  2. Dust bunny hunting is of course a critical skill to have!

  3. What a beautiful helper you have.


  4. Annie-I could certainly use help out with smoothing out freshly laundered sheets.
    My kitty brats already bring dust bunnies to my attentions *sigh*
    Hugs for you Annie girl!

  5. Oh man, could I keep her busy....

    Annie, you are too sweet!

  6. Haha!!! If Annie can find her way to the Eastern Sierras she'd find plenty of dust bunnies and wrinkled sheets...but she'd have to make friends with or stand up to Sadie...aka...Osama Bin Kat...
    Need I say more???

  7. Lucky likes to keep the laundry warm by sleeping on it until it gets put away.

  8. I never iron either. Miss Pops loves to make the bed with me too, her best task of the week. If only cats could do the chores, we would be happy.

    Julie and Poppy Q

  9. I don't even own an iron right now! So Miss Annie can come and smooth my linens and then snuggle with me anytime!

  10. We got an added bonus of a "Cat in a window" today! :-)