Friday, August 16, 2013

Cat in a window, cats everywhere

It seems early this year but I am already seeing a change in the gardens I pass by on my daily walk with Kane.
The beautiful flowers are beginning to fade.
I saw these beauties as I turned a corner and was pleasantly surprised to see this kitty in the window.
This guy has just moved into the neighbourhood. If you notice on my sidebar, the cat in window photo was of a different one who lived in this house for years. They have moved on now and this ginger tabby rules the roost. 

This little fella was out enjoying the Fall-like weather today. No window perching for this guy. He's a roamer and proud of it.
Never took his eyes off Kane for a second. Very smart cat.

I haven't mentioned the ferals that I feed for awhile. That's because I haven't seen one since mid-July; until tonight. I still feed them nightly whether I see them or not and while I was heading home I decided to go back and see if any of them had shown up since the food had been placed in their regular spot. I was worried about one in particular that was showing up every night for a long time. Not a one was at the food. As I was leaving for the second time I looked over at a building across from the lot. There stood a cat, maybe six months old, alone and watching me. I drove into the lot and the cat stayed still. Not until I stepped out of the car did it run toward the wooded area. I had more soft and dry food so I left some on a bag where it had been sitting. Before I got into the car it came back and went straight for the food. It was famished and ate while keeping one eye on me the whole time. I could ask a thousands questions about this cat but with ferals (or possibly an abandoned cat)  it's all just a big mystery. I'll watch for it again. I found myself asking "why me, Lord?" but I've been asking that for years. My heart just breaks for these little waifs. At least this little tummy is full for tonight.

                                                  (from inside the car and a distance away)
hugs, Deb


  1. Cats everywhere is a good thing - except when they are homeless and unloved. It does indeed break the heart that people don't look after their animals.
    xo Catherine

  2. Why you? Because you have a heart of gold.

    I too, would be so sad seeing them, but am so glad to see someone cares.

  3. You are so sweet. My little gremlin has took off with the tub stopper to parts unknown.

  4. It hurts my heart to see them so wary and so hungry.
    My heart feels better, though, when I hear about someone
    caring enough to leave food for them ♥

  5. Oh Deb, it does hurt to see these sweet cats hungry! You are so good about feeding them.

  6. I too, have been feeding ferals for years. I try to trap, neuter, and release (back in my neighborhood). In fact, I spent 3 years taming a little feral and she now sleeps in my bed every night. You just do what your conscience tells you to do....Mary A

  7. You're doing good seeing that they get something to eat. It's a shame people allow the situation to start by abandoning them...

  8. Well.....I spent all of this time sending you a great big comment, and the google lost it! Sigh.....any way, thank you for stopping by. Jack is a very special cat to me. He belonged to my Mother, and was named after my Dad. Jack showed up just a couple of days after my Dad passed away. Thus, the name.

  9. It is a choice between doing what is easy or doing what is right. You will always chose doing what is right when it comes to these precious creatures. God bless you.

  10. Yes, tonight the cat goes to sleep with a full tummy. One day at a time, all any of us have really. And you're using your one day at a time making a difference for some very needy animals.

  11. Poor little thing. I am so glad you are feeding it.

  12. It is not easy to understand why so many cats are abandoned, but I'm glad that you feed the little cat.